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Ayer'sCalharíicPiils Tor all the ïwemi of i Family fhysit, ., ,V Dyipepita, iDdlgM loa i Jm ' '"' ""ad' ' " '"pxy. Teur" Pa mora tod - Jl Rhrnm, Worm, Ooot ,.„' ralK'"'; I Hl.and purlfyln(UMUoM 1 ¦ i'rfeW 1 ¦" bow miich Iktfoui taf and pleuni touke ¦ui pnwiM U cure. They putg Uut the fom hn' "r "' Ma d ,tn iba ias((.i,h or Isordered m , ij,t.y impart taeaiu, ¦notonljth, v'Ty d" ; bal formidable a"d d""IkiDfal phyulcUni neii, aud uur beot ciuiDf, eend ''rtiflc'" eifonacd, and nf ttreat In-nrDu tl.rirwi frr.m thiw Ptil. They are the safoat d hKt ploic (.,r chlldren, becauae mild u well w ffectunl. B.-inf euur cotled, thcy ore eaiy to Ukf ; ind btlni: purely vtgeUble, they are eulirel, barml PM PKEPARELl )!Y Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., Practical and Analytlcal rhcmist, 1 hy all DruKcisu and Dealers In Medicine lUiQ-IO78-c(iw ' Battlo Croek, Mlchlsan' 9l fAJTOMOTUKIM OF 112 OHLI OIKdWI Tractlon and Plaln Engine and Horse-Powers. MortC.mpletoThrerfiwr.rtMT ) Establl.hed i: tlu orld. i 1848 II SHnU nou. s ithmit J'mwo of nama. a iimnwmcnt, or liicstion, to-Scx- y"tL' ¦- brood teorrauiy gire on au out geoda. STEAM-POWKtt SEPAHATOH8 aad foinplrtr Monm OutlltaomofdtltnuKltM. K Trnrtimi KneineaábdPlaiaáulkM ¦TCT seon in tho AniL-rican rn&rket. - muUitml of tpreial Votara md fnil mii.ii for 181. U-wethiT with nptrior qualuuï&loZSZ? ,i nuMali not drwnMd of br other m5aL luur idiee of Sepkntan, trom Ó to 12 kano Two st ylea of " Mountod 'rHnrie-PnBC. , tilU, UUVI (r.,irr(,J) ¦Hrjtutlv on aun i, frota wliicli la built Uw ia. TRAOTION ENGINES Stron'jert, ruift ïurahtr , ttrul effcitmt ever gtml otfe. 8. 1O, 13 liane Power. w Fnrmrrs and Thrmbcnnra are tnjlied to üi tiMtiv-ntu thi narrhU't TtmahiDg Mschinery. 4Jlrr-ului-H bt nt fit;. Adilrcss NICH0L8, SHEPARD & CO. Battlo Creek, Michigan. 1030-52 IMPORTANT TOYÖU There is :i money valuc In your lapsed Ufe Intnnmce .puiiry. Ho muiter limv kmg since any premium has Ihcu paiil. To determine tliat value, mul how to secure I, consult The I .il C Insuranif Policy Holden' Assooiatlon of Hit United Btates. Enclose two threo cent stam ]i (i answer, and nu wlll giTe oor tinte iu tuwtriig your letten, and opinión free. AtUlrc- . irinksrlioff.BeniiffiiaiSk SeUq.n'lStiie iv 1 '. Waahitifton Ave, LAMBING, Micb. ioa ,n ÍN. H. DOWNS t' VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR Is a sure cure for Cought, Colds, Whooping-Cough, and all Lung Diseaset, when taken In catón. People die of conaumption aimpy because of neglect, when the timely use of thi remedjr would have cured tHem at once. JFÏfty-one yeara of constant use prove the fact that no cough remedy ha itood the test IHke' noten' Elixir. I'ric 3.1e. Ma and $1.00 pu bottla, Tur 8ale F.vry whre. Dr. Baxter 's Mandrake JBitterS VVill cure Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Liver ComplainU, Indigestión, I and all diseases ariting frorn 1 iousnest. Price 25 ets. per bottle. ¦ Tor Sale Everywhero. I IIKXKY ói JOHNSON'S ÁRNICA AND OIL I IlinimentI For .flan and Beast. ¦ The most pefect liniment everl ¦ compounded. Price 25c and 50c. ¦ Tor Sl ETrywhr. Ê 101687 DAVIS SWING CHURn" k jfijft AWAltliKD I BI Í . ¦ '.torn t VERMONT FARMMÁCHÍNECO. ELl.OWS I.U.I.-, Vrlf.lIO.NT. 108r41 lOïz-ai NATriiK'S TRIÜMPH. Frazisr's Root Bitters. Il' I logiud, 11-e Frazier1 lütt.-'r-. Il ll--ii in'v tkí your oomplexion ollów, aa Bit I' vuil liye in a Dialarial ili-i i i t, umi Frazier' Bitter. ff worn down with the care 01 children, dm Fraiiern Bitu ra. If you hve Mm-.. '¦ Bittere. Ifyoutive k]t hit.' hoon Mini livcd ...nlrary to Ui laws oL bealtb, ie Fnoier's Bitten, lf ycni need toninc op, tafee Fnuier's Bitter. W you have aoused nstead of ued nature gifts, use Frazi.'iV Bhtett. If you feel old Before your time, use Fraiier" lüiiers. I' life hu beoome i barden and you have glooniy foreboding, use Frazier's Bitter. If your hand tremble and your cyeg hve grown dia, Frawet Root Bitters will make vou feel yoiing again. Sold bv all druggi1 vervwlióre at the low price f 1.0Ü ler bottle. JAS. E. DAVIS & CO., Wholesale Druggists, Detroit, Agenta. FULL STOCK AT MABTJ1TÍ All ordore promytly atteodedto.


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