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The Governor's Veto

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i .ovornor Jerone, iiy exercitfng his pon - ertotajr ''Iforbld'1 lo the legUlature of in au hUUMMfei done ¦ gMMÉ gootl tlihijt for peopit .mil eíí'i-ctimiiy ciu-Im-'I ¦ gig&ntic ni.. We refer to tul retoof tbeso-called Howell coropilation bilí panad beth baomaf tba Irtriliitnre, iiiul wliicli but tur lii. ood j nJ r ment woul.l bare become a luw. the i-ompilutii t t lio bus, Mid Uieletting oí 'tlic contm-t to Ihe íirm of ('illujr li;ni publishen of law booka, whon tlurr m rMMlW witlin our invii st;itc wiiu ifiMri lo ilo Un' mam wolk it prtMi 1 'itiiosc ( -ni, lature agreeil to ftre, Wlien t taino tOpMliaf lile 1)]1 over tin veto of the gOTcinoi, thi .-cuate, witli :i iloggedness worthy i bfttar WWW, tlnnj.' back tlie BMéMft n (he jovwnor"i faoe, ñd tried tooverrkle lii power, bul In houe ;i iliüerent ua-takcn. and l)mly. to tiicir credit he ii mM, refaMdto pan Ibe bilí over the vito. tíow Ut fair jil.iy rule, and ahtwr place Ibe printing of tlits oiti tlation i! rightfully belons into the hands of the state printer, orelte ghrs Ittothe lowest i-csiKiiible bidder.


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