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Ayer's Sarsaparilla KOK ITRIFYIXJ THE BLOOD. . Th is comiioand of tk, JmIv '-,-, VcMbl. AltwMl,., mKj 'r'fYCs1 '"wk.Mili! é5?Wks ï "-' "na Mndrk, CStfis. Tfc , """""¦ l"di'i- of Pot! fW. ""' lr"" rak i -I Ns i ' 'íi iurp,)f , _2Vl? Jl "l!intt!i! "tlï " '' 4ry lr.-v,,.nt i0(J H flllctlmr. ItpurUeta, blond, out IM unKtn; hume tn thetylti 'h"t BB ili d i.ttic ut„ troahlcioniÉ JUorder. Srapttoi - of tb -kin art ,he appearane "" " mrtaee i I r:i,niira that hoold b ripelli lr"m I Interna; , ,„ ari, iheút_ '"'"'n " '¦"- tatoma InierntJ it„y ili-rantf tod '1 dwtioy. Ayw'i kaagn Trom the blood I !.rociuH di! - ot tba, stomacb, I -f, Eroptlons und Braptlvt DiKe! ol lhl Shl" M ErjHlp.1 P;mile. I'u.tule, lilotchu, li„ü.-, Tunan Ttt and slt Kh.Mim, Scld, Klngworm, lieer, and Sores, Khcunutmin, Ni-urlKla, Pain In the BonM, Ütd and Ileud, Feraa'p Weaknem, Sterillty Uooatrha irMBC 'rom tteral nlnmilM ni ntt-rine dlteaiet, Dn.p-y, fí)titfle, KmacUtion ¦ad '-iiitra! Dtbliltj. Wilt taeir itoputun, heilth returns. PREPARED H Dr. .1. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., and Analjtical ChemljU. Sold b]i All : ti Medicina Hi'3l-]n7:'.-fiw Battle CreokTMIchlganW THRESHERÖ" Tractlon and Plain Englnes and Horso-Powers. Mt f.mi.1i-tThrhrr F'actarr j Etnb1shel tutlte World. i I94S I I LMIÏO n, without chaiwe of nmnjo. J manmttimnnt, or location, (o lo ptïï - - iitixjtd tcurrxuU] fittntm all our gvod. STT 'f.loVBR SEPARA TOHS W niplrtr Staom Outflcn f nwrhtrtt miaHtM. rv Tr"i Ion f :ii trim and l'laip Kndnea evor mo in thr Amrrlian iuarket. . 'iltitmd of special featwrti and iwuvomemmit U nptrior jnaUH- & ecim.ii. ; alk tM Eana vmi or Aorff novr I. B built tnu lot uur maooinery. Tr AOrtON ENGiNESgr I er aa4 Tkrnbrmen are lnrttsd to M uluery. tPARD & CO. Battle Creek, Mlchlsan. 1030-S2 IMPORTANT TÖTOÜ There Is a money value Ui yoiir lapsed llfe Insnranoe policy. tío matter liow long siiur :mv premium hiw been al(3. To Ictcrininr Ilint saine, aml liow lo secure ii. couxull The Life [nituraiMMi Policy Holdere' on of the L'nited Stales. Encl two iliree cent o Itixure ancwer, and we II oUr lime in ;insu ering your li'iicrs, nnd opinión tttse. Addreas, Bhnkerhoff,Senjamia Keücjr.Gen'l State Agls, -. ¦ .i M rh. f'l. H. DOWNS VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIRi HUi sure cure for Coughs, Colds, LI ¦ Whooping-Cough, and all Lung B U Diseases, when taken in season. I People die of consumption simp-H A y bccause of neglect, when the fX Htimelyuseof thi remedy wouldp flj have ciyed thern at once. l'ifltl-one year of y 3 stant use proves the fact that nol fleough remedjr ha tood the testB Slike Doten' Elixir. I Pnc :o. 60o. and tl 0 per botü. Tur &ile Ever wbr. 1 Dr. Baxter 's Mandrakef BWill cure Juundice, Dyspepsia.B kt Liver Complaintt, Indigestión, H Band all diseaoe arisfng from Bi! H H iouaness. Price 25 ets. per bottle. ¦ For Sal Erywhro. 1IK.NKV Ai JOHHSOnt ÁRNICA AND OIL IlinoientI For .Han and Beast. ÖThe most prfect üniment eerB B compounded. Price 25c and 50c. B For Sle Rrerywborft. DAVIS SWING CHURN Á Jt awai:ii!:d 1 Uti-ll NA tl Y."A 1 !:ir!HI. Frszier's Root Bitters. I .nii :i r !¦ i OCT Bitti 1 . li vuur ile-h i Haliby and y"lir o .111,' ''¦'¦ Bitten. Il worn do ol children. 11 " .V(1" ll;lve the b - Bïtt t-. Ifvou have kept licmr mul lived oontmrT to the hwa of !i.:alth, u Bitter, lijo naad tontas up, take frai V BUtew. f ' yo have abuaed inntead of uaed nature s Cefore ronr time, ue l'Yuzier's Bitter. 1! Hfe h ir.i( n and yon Jiave gloom me l'raziei's Bitter. If yonr hands Urenible and your eves have gro'wn din R t liitterswill make you feel young nir:ii. Bold hy all druggisü ¦Terywhere at the Idw price $1.00 per Iwttle. JAS. E. DAVIS A CO., Wholeaalf ürug(útil, Detroit, Mich., Agenta. 10 ¦ send for oar I.Off.PBICi:ll I.i-t .iialtai I ¦ freo on applicatiuu) and see Lhe uau..' I "'¦ I 15 RARE PL ANTS "Ta Stl E Our OrwnfHHUM 'cvcrns 8 eres in Glui) ¦ Hare tho Urgen in America. I Peter Hendercon & CoJ 33 Cortlandt St., New York.J STEPHEN PRATT. iNIfACTt'RÏR OF Higii asi Lew Fressnre Boilers Of all kinds. SMOKF PIPI "K'jiP IKON li nii'l 'IK west. betwe n riürdand Voax bats , I )].'! KOU MJiálring lone. WvaU and BoUr I''e'or


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