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B Class Rehearsal

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Two or thrce times during the school year reliearsnls are had by the members of the B class in the graminar department of the high school, and ou last Wednesday an occasion of this kind was witnessed in Um Pond's room. A few parents and others interested in our schools were present. The following is the program for that occasion, and it w:is ourried out in a manner ireditable to the ptipils and very gratifying to the teachers i Muslc Tentlngon the OM CampUround The Wee Man Maule Huddle The Pleco ofUolü Víctor MokIc Khhkv- The Pen Krank Clark The Pllot „ Edward Heyler Muslo- Doublé (uartett, When the MlsUhave Rolled In Splendor. The Muy yueen, Klrdle Wheedon, Clara Carr, Carrie Wheeler. Muslo on the Zltht-r Henry Hauser rhe blected Kulglit Clara Dunsler Maud Muller Mary ElUlbuss TheUranlteRock Edward Haugsterfer MuhIc CoiueBack ti Erin skivis Dream Matile Harrlman Essay- A Walk lu the Woods_...Bmma Baesler Poor Ltttle Jlm Miss Thomas Old Age„ Wllllam Hall The Boston Boys Edlth Burlelgh Muslc Clilmlng Bells Tlm Itaper and the Flowers Nellle Moore I-ady Clalr _ Allle Curtís MuhIc I.lttleNell Kcadlng- Catbleen ...„ „ Ida Fleming The Mechanical Forcea or the Sun Arthur Armstrong Muslc Shesleeps. Tlm Qolden Kule Molly Hall Uwe Knew Klora Eberbach Music ou the Zlther Henry Hauser


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