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A Rich Man's Amusement

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The mu i j r of Lhc ;rrral ('ornwall rmi ctate'in PciimylvaniaMr. Robert Loleman, lias a tino medí au leal laste and pay tnuok iittciilidii to iiHM-lmnics i rul eilfrïpeerillff . l'i facilítate lus iiivcs! gationc lic has i - stmeted a circular rail rond wïtli :i üouble line of steel track, ncloketl in large buikl11-. The IciiL'ili of the track is about 150 feel wiiti two íilinr. L'utenl safety switches, eluctrii ¦ wifctj froesaiid the latfekt DHithuus of CutCun rai employed The threc -innll itMXHnotives cowpi piteo of mcchaiiisni. evcry i'"l, iinli, rew, lever sering, liic, uoek, pipe, mul puiup ol ilic UrgeHt uiuchinos. i'he hoiler-jackets, nl umi drivcr are nickel-pUted, mul loiiie of the ltriht work is silver -pl:iti-il. 'I'he (aillü ofüolkl Wlinil, and tint boüeiv roKr and the tire boxea aró oi wrixifbt BtêftL Tlio tuiiders copper, tid thcir wnter suj.ply is taken i ooopt iiuiii rat on the roanway while locoaodTei an in ¦Usa. The locimiotives ure vbont Ibnr feot in lenth, inrluding lb tender, him) are inndbcauty. Thi'v art of JSnjflish donijm o &r aa birh iiiving wbeeli ara oonoeni sd, otberwMe tln-y are advaiioed Americafi mei -liaiiirui and have uiany ortjrinal ippliancc of Mr. Ooleman'i mvention. I'he locomotiva are Mrod upand t Inmolion. A round the tracks thev üq, viUi'"lU" mtiumiarre mwiiit wntciios t niovenit'iitil' ihc mintature niacliiiiery. Flouri are thtis pasM-ii, all sofU ol experimenta are trieil, liili aperil and low ped are c I to detennine the effeets of frictiim. and uther queetiom of ruilwav ecoiioiiiv ¦


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