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The Virginia Republicans

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A short time agO party In Ybgtala, known as the reutljustcrs, oi whicli .Seuator Kahanf i? aaatl, inki ¦ Mala onvention in connection with a largo nuinhur of republicana, and placed a state ticket in the field. TIiík ticket vil beldad by Jolm A. Lewi.. chaimas of tlie republican state cuniuiittee, lor goveinoi, and tUe reniaiiiiii ollicers ilivitleil between re)Ublieaii.s umi reailjuster.i. liut it seeuis tliut ull ot tlic Virginia rapattlitaaa dU aot aparav of tliÍK, M sti-.iililoiit iiicinber of tlie ¦tete commitii-, to iiic nnmterof idi' 87 'ixt lu-t Timdaj. Uokad Lewis out ut tbc party, oa Qe. WkkteBitoill tlil piaee, uüd Imvc talM :i puré. Htraiglitiitt repabltean uoáraatlon for AuguiJ4tii. ThU actiou iiKikci. del'eal of tlie ImpOMtMe. It was xenerally unilerritiKMl that tlie al- k was to be left alone ;it tlie OOffiing t-leriioii, and all etToTtt poariMa turiá to feraak ihat oíd Botirboii democratie elemont In the itate. Had the iiiovernciit ticen sueeessful, it would liavo spn ¦ad like wild lire tlmiuirhOttt tlie outlit'ni .statcs, and a n- ilenniit bees iiil'used nU politiw in tliat -ection. H :ire inaiiv wlio are iinkind eiiourli (O bclievc that (en. Wickliain and bis IbUowen do not deair republiam ra Thaj pret'er to have the republicanminority that 1 1 1 ¦ may bold all the ollii-.


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