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The fbOowiag in relation to the extensión of the Toledo &. Ann Arlwr B. II. s taken from the Detroit Free Press of last WimIikmI.iv. and miitains ut Jfast some vcry ïcmarkable statements, wliicli ur in-ople will be glad to liear : To provide for the construction of the Toledo and Ann Arbor ratlroad. from th present tcrmlnue to P'iiitlac. a diatance of thirty-eifillt miles, a f l.&HMXJ" flrst mortae iix per cent. gold lond httvlng ïorty years to run live been isitued, ud are now offereá for auhfcrijitiim by Anthony, Poor Oliphant, bankeis. New York. The honrls are taeued at the rate of 15,0()0 per m11-', and thiy not only cover tne oll Toledo .iud Ann Aroor line. lorty-sii mllea In iengtli, but alio the extenalon to Pontlac, thlrtyeifht milo fiuthcr, to a conuwtion wlih the (rand Tronk rallway. This extenalon Ie Anlxhed except track laing. which In proffremlaa rapidly, and will be completed on or before ücptctiitHT 1. The American Bxchanee by way of lnducementa to purchAaers of the bond, declares that the road will give "the i'iaud Truuk an outlet to Toledo and the eoutb from whlch it bas been hltherto Bhnt out, and to the Jackaou, Lanalng A Saginaw rond, a route much 1 Iborter by wij of Toledo., la market lot lumber, ibitti ibe une now unfil. It will a tliroub liue lor ibe (Jraud I runt 101 tue iwuuflaut traille reacta ed mi loledo. 1 he Aun AriKr Jiur ia nuw ukiI bf tlie M aluab, io couaectiuu ilju tb Detrutt nd ButliT brauch, for lts large tnlllc beleeu Toledo and Ix-tioit, and 11', as it in aoderstootl, wkule of the V'übiti freigbt heretofore pouled at Toledo and div.'.i-u iciwceu 1-ake Miore aud t'auada Suutliern railwaya, wil. xhortl; )e forwardad over ibe Ureat Weütsru rtilwa, il will IM -ri-n tliat Ilie wkola 'int bound ireisht ot the Wa'i'i.-b iruniTo ledu will pêa over u portlou uf the aud Atbur line. For Uuue eiidiutr wltii May, -it iirt t-niniagti of tlie dlvialon btfeu Toledo and Aun Arbur ware 1V'"' or at a n lorty-cix miles ) -uffl cient u pay thu incurcat on the total laau scriptlon lor Uu: bond wül be rcceived at 1WH I"i acemed luteresl. Meaara. Autiiui.y, Poor a Uil pbaut naerrliig thu right to advanc: the prtce wltbout uotiCíí."


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