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Prof. Rose Going To Chicago

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The Ann Arbor Daily News of last Monday made the following announeement, wliiili we believe, very many of onr readers will peruse with great interest : Prof. liĆ³se has been tctnlornl a very fine positiou with a leadinjf rhemical institutlon at Chicago, and at a much greater compensation than he has ever received white in charjre of mattere at the Univereity of Michigan. The professor will doubtless accept the offer, and leave for tht; MW field of operations on about July lst. In case the arrangement is mutually satisfactory he will consent to a permanent engagement, and remove his fainily to Chicago upon the completion of tlie educational conrse hts children are now taking at the univer-uy. The rumor of the intended removal of the professor to ( 'hicago has drawn out a very general t-xpression of regret from the very many frieuds and aoquaintaoces that the pNMM has so deservedly acquired while occupyinjr tht: high position ui trust he held so long and ably in the University of Michigan. And it is but just to add that probably no honoreil citizen of Ann Arbor ever went to otker fields of labor with more general and gratifying assurances of good will than will Trof. Rose in bidding adiin to Ann Arbor and its people."


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