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An Exceptionally Brilliant Experiment!

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_?- HEITKÍ 111 M EU 1 II THE GREAT LONDON CIRCUS, SANGER'SROYALBRITISH MENAGERIE A-lsTlD THE GRAND INTERNATIONAL ALLIED SHOWS. P. T. BAHNUM. J. A. BA1LBY and J. L. UtTCHINSON, Sole Owncra. United for this season only, at an expense of $4,500 daily, and representing a capital of $3,000,000. Ann Arbor, Tuesday, July 12 ?fflggfsfoyaj Bniisi] Menaggfiesftand Irttemanonal Alld ShoP 1CDMBNíTÍDH'V'4BESTSH0WS -¦"soSncr""'' MCOHSOÜCtllOH 4LffCLSTShOWS P. T. BARNUM TO THE PUBLIC. I ni) personal honor mul ui) niiiiiiiucriiil rciMilalion of iK'arl) Ill'l) )ar, Ilial nemer Ix-f'ore willitu Ilif uuinor of man nor ilic p.iyc ol'liilor). :niil oiol;ill nol iiirc (lic rriilion of Ilic uiiiIiI. Iiii linie iM'rii i oim li nul ion ol' liiltil ion l' iuh 11 inpciidoii M 111 y ¦¦lei: ATB8T .illOW O i: ItTII ,"' In oii.iiuuiion willi "THE CHBAT LONDON MIOUx, " Umi ponld ixur an) -oiii!irison w 1 1 II onr, fillior in rcaril to Uk nnparallll U'in, il w oixltrlul lalcnl, il iiiinu-roii -l raorclinary pcrfOrmaticet, t+ InnMiM collectton of rare living animal nul li 11 111:1 11 nonio na, il more (ha 11 ro al gold, il er and oiiain-l-l iuiin( . ii or(eoúi aiul excecdlnsly briiiiani tuut the :iliiioi Incrodlble unioiiiif of iiiom-y iiiv-ivl In II ouilic, hiiI Ihc $4,500 reqalreá encll iuj to pay luordlnarj expenpe. The pultlic' olMli-iil korvaiil, l. I. KVItM Tl. AN OPEN AVOWAL. C'erlninly no ane man, in or out ol' prol .ion, voull dUpnte ip;ii ui Iik-i iliai I. T. i:KM M GREATE8T siiow o i:ICTII and THE GKEAT MIO. CIKCIS, bef'ore tlie ihimui oiixtiiiliiiion, were each iiHlividunlIy unoqualed in every lepan mh ni iic-cco-iii) lo mak e np u pirdcl cxliiltilion. Tlic iitipreeedeitlcd popularily and iiiiiimiiiI succes of lutili more Ilian attests IhK Irtilh. Then, with lli lulmi .ion I hal -r honei man II eumpelled i makt-, tolt nol jnl a itfiiiflcaiitly appar¦nl Ilial Ihc harinonl inioii ol' imili .alli.liiiu'ns uiiiliiplit Huir (trength anti aUractlvcncM Iwolold, and I hal iluy are nou man) limen larui'r ihan any oilnr iwain 01 iviui Rnawa on Barita t We have llttlo hope iiiat ihis experimental eason will iiroc a rerjr freal iliianciai raeoeti te ui, beesaac mi tk ir-iii-itlEu expenses attendlBS ut-li a -loal omhinalion; bul, Miiould aii) loat ofvnr, w( ui Mand il, and hall f-ricii-o lively Kautfactlon in the uratifyinK knowledge ihai ¦ nave pretented lo a lilx'i-al and orilM-al pnhlic our lri nl f'ully Iliroc Mum lln(rand al aui rai--.i iiimi exiilblliod evev brcnnlxed, and tvlii-li can Bever, indlial.l), aain have lil parallel. The l'ultlic' 1 ailliful Friendo, I'. T. ISAKM W, .1. . BAILET and .1. I,. III T IIIVSOV SEE THE CONVOGATION OF GIANTS, See Nearly all the Challenge Champion Arenic Lights of the World, 3-SEPARATE RINGS-:] See fully Three Times the Largest Menagerie ever exhibited under 268,000 Square Yards of Snow-White Tents. We never advertise a Feature, Curiosity or Act whieh we do not exhibit. the: nosx BRILLIANT STREET PROCESSION Ever made in this city will occur at 9 A. M., from the exhibition grounds. p iall) ereeled ampliiluealrt '-5,000 lniiriun liair-, and m als .',OOO people. AdmNüiou 50 t'enl i hlldrcii under 5 ycars 5 OeBli ¦ ¦laHli Soal 25 Ceatl Txlra Positively No Free Admission to Anybody, on account of our extraordmary expenses. Tiekel eau le pur luct l on the da) of liihition or II. F. Watts lOSoiilh Iflain Slreel, at the n-iial Milfjhl alanoe.


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