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From The "gulistan," Or The " Rose Garden," Of Saadi

From The "gulistan," Or The " Rose Garden," Of Saadi image
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Illches are lor the comfort of lile, and mi Ufe tor the accuniulation of i iclus. Obedienoe is not truly performed bj the jody of liiin wboM bear) If dlseatUfled. l'nblish not men's secret faults; for by llsgraclng them, you make yoaraelf of no pote. Whosocvcr acqalred knowledge and did ïot praetice it, resembles liim wëo plowed, mi did not sow. It is noterery flraceful form thatcontains v good dlíposinon ; for vlrtue is In the nind, not In the appearanoe. The wUe man, on beholding eontentlon, withdraweth himself; and when be seelh ii'acc, droppeth anchor. A broiled fowl in the eyei of one who lias satislied his appetitc, is of less c.-lin:i;ion tlian aleafof greensona iiish ; bat to liim who batb not the meam of procurIng food, a bolled tarnlp is eqaal to ¦¦ broiled fowl. Man s, beyond dlipote, the most exoel[enl of oreated licins, and thr ylleal animal 13 a dog; butthe agea sgree tüal a gratelul dog is botter tlian an nfigratefül man. A doy never forgets a mortel, althoujjli y" rwll liiin a liiiMiircd linies willi slo in ¦- Mul il yon Cherfell B mean wrc-lch loran age, he will tilit with yon lor a mere I ri lie. Tlicy asked Lokman from whom he had learned arbanity; he replied, "Prom thoee ol rude manners; for wljaíapever I fw iu thenj iliatwüs dlsaf teeable, I avoided doiog the same. Not i word can be said. In t lic midsi of sport, ('rom wUioh a w ise man will not derive Instrúctlon ; bul Ir a hundred i-hapturs of phllO8Ophy are read tO an Ignorant peraon, it will Beem to bis ean sport." I never oomplained of the victasltudeg of fortune, nor mnrmnred at the ordinanee of Heavcn, exccpting once, wben m. feel werc bare and J had not the means of procuring myself shoea. I entered the great mosque al Cufah wlth a heavy heart, when I ticheld a man wbo liad DO leet. I oll'ered ii]) praise and thankaglving to (!od for his liounly. añil bore with patleBOe the anl of shoea,


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