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The Man Who Stood As The Model For Randolph Rogers

The Man Who Stood As The Model For Randolph Rogers image
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Thefollowingintcrestln'rfactgreipecunjï the Bailor ivho stood for Kandolph J: astlie model for the statueof the Michigan wilor, a flgure In the Michigan roldlere' and Ballon' monument, are contributed by Mrs. K. L. Mead, of Syracuse, N. V., ¦ s wr of the sailor. Mr. Mead eonimunicallonwas called out by statement whioh appeared in the Eree Press tbal the statue was :i likeness, modeled trom life, ol a bod ofaGreenfleld farmer, and In view of the valneof the information whicli Mrs. Mead li:is lclndly furnjshed, it Is fortúnate that siniiftliin.n appeared to brinji out au exact preeentutTou of tlic facts: "The statue is a modelof Daniel Ilarvev Northrup, the youngest son of Eneeland Northrnp, of Fayetteville, N. Y., and n brothcr of Charle L. Northrup, oí Cambria, Mich., who was presenl at 1 1 1 - unveilIng an! dedlcation. Daniel H. had been In the navy for uveral yearg, and at the time the model mi made wal taking a stroll through somc of the streets n 1Í wlth three of his sailor fricmls. He notloed tWO gentlemen following Uk and thought thej' were Anierlcane, and heard one ol theni remark, 'I think - ¦ will dor.'and al the same linie a band laid on hls shuulder, and BogerS introduced himself and inviled liim to his studio. He told liini lie had been looklnr tor a good flgnre to repicsent the American navv and wished hun to eon.-ent lo ri'inain. l!oj;eis sent to thé Bblp anil procured hia leave of ftbierice mül the model was completed. He nol only enleilaiiied liim hospitablv, ImiI pald haiulBomely In mld ior hla patlence In ttanding for the model. I have a pbotograpn ot Etoger's In hli studio; alao, oneol the monument, whleh niy brother (the Milor in (inestion) sent me IVcim Home at the time. Daniel Barre] ÈTorthrap was los) al sea, January 18,1870. All on board parlsneu save mie poorsallor. whoclung totherigKing three days, and was flnally regcuelby a Spanish frigate and lrou_'ht hark lo I in Iadelpnla, Pa., M teil Ote safl talé ol' his ihlp and crew." It is more difflcult for B man to tnake a r,eiinilanee tlmii il is lor afctrcumstsnoi to malie a man. If we would moasure our U4ppineM ibj the condition of those below us, tastead ol tl,,,se ahove, ¦ should litnl iselves veiy well oM otl