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- )T1IK( - CHICAGO & NORTH-WESTERN HAIhWAY U the OLDBST I hest constkuctkd: BEST KQUIPPÏD! and henee the LEADLNG RAILWAY - or th- WEST AND NORTH WEST. It is the tljoitet and heat route between (.'liicajfo and all pointe in ITcrthöm Hlínoís, lowa, S&keia, Wromïng, Nefcrasïi, C:.:.':rcia, Qrogon, Ari::sa, Utah, Colorías, liáis, Montosa, Herida COUNCIL BLUFFS, OM AH A, lKVKlt, I.F.AI II.l.l.. SALT LAKE SAN FRANCISCO, DEtDWOOD, SIOUX CITY, Cidw Eiplis, Des Itoitos, Colnabus, nd all pointi it ths Territorios oJ thi West. Allo for 14üwiuio, Onn Bar. C:t::h, ChebcTgan. líarqueíto, Fenl da La:, wMrt:s, Hosgh"¦-'"_, KlML-. 3t. Pial, lílun.'apílis, Haría, Vclra, f. &.,L 'S: $L& -Líí tSy&.t1 " At OOBIldl BluffK th train" of the Chlrmro , NonhWMtoro ,iii(l iIik V. V. ll'y d-urt Irom, arrive t nel use the mm e joint nnlon deitot. At Chicnao. c om; cciincrilotiK re made wtth the lake S hor, Michigan Centra), & Obio, Hun Wavneanrt l'riiniirlvunta,HTiil ('hirapn ft (rand Trnnk Uy'x, and the K.inkankee aml i'an Ifaml'iClose Connedions Made at Junction Polnts. ir lx OMIiV I-IXK riiimiii Pullman Hotel Dining Cars imm ('hlcayo aml Cometí IJlnlls. l'iilliiüin ¦leepen on All Nisbl Train. i iipnu TlcEet Ageiiti Hlling ton tfckü rta ad. RxHTllItU' yuiir tickflUUAIia nluc to hny il tliiy d" not read over the hiouu and .Soiih Weatcrn Kaüwav. II you kIi the BíI i immodatiODt yon wil bni vonr tic1 et by Ibil route efAXII WII.I. TAKE NO OTIIEti. All Tic k.-i Agenti puil tickets ly ihi Line. 1 KVIV III I.1TT, ia -M v. i'. & Ontl Min'gf. CblcitTo. THB POWER OF ARKiTINQ DIUKASES dipred hy Hile prcpiratiun i hiinmalily ackoowlcdgefl by the Medir! Kaculty in every seclloi whenit hss ben introduced; and Ihe - goannte ol the emimatlon In which it in held !y the jiulilic. Kor tlie iflVct produced by FJSIXfWS'COHPOITNDn Kil' oi DTPOPaOSPpiTES the inventor wlll refer to tbe medical gen Wboee letter: are attachcd hereto. [Extract froni letter.) Lm Min., Man tl I, lSTli. M 'turn. Flixow L Co., St. John, N. B. QmU: 1 have prescribed your syruii (FeUowa' 111, popbosphltes), in my prucitce, tor kiidi' ti ulpatieut, where lts uve wa indicau-d, witli quite fatlfractory resulls. . J. A. MrAUTIICR. M. D., -outh C'ommon St. ELUHllKiK 81MIS(.)N, M. D., of Hudson, N. Y., writ "I have upert the Syrup ol Bvpophoeptritflfl Bttde by Mr. Keilown, in cafe of Coneomptlon, and "iner I.nng and Throat dleeaes, witb the moet (rattíylos resDlt.'1 HDWIN rl.AY, M. I)., ot HaZWKh, N, g. : "I know ofBO tíctler medicine for pereODa tttfftirIng trom ezhaUtlon Ol the power of the Brain aml and Nervon iSytvm, irom loBfl I ontintied fttidy, or the couüIi following Tjpbold Kever, &c, &c." CHAND1.ER CliANB, of Ualifax, N. 8., wrile : "I have' used it trcely in my pructicc, hoth in die¦ if the CtieKt, ai i'oTiumpilon and Bronchttii. Ac. and in lultintilc. dUeasee 't tbe prima vi;i, n Stomach and Bowel, wlth eminent purceK." 1011-lKKi c e m NERVOUS DEBILITY! A Cure i-unriiii.rril. J)b. B. C. Wï8ts Nibvi awd Drain Tbï tmknt: a ppcclftc for H? iterlft, DIzzioeMConTultioiu, NervDM Hcadache, Mental Deprffi-fon. Lont Ol Memory, Spermaturrhcra, lmpotciicy. Premature Qld Afiw, ! hy oror exertlon, telfabuêc, or oTer-lttdnleR hlch ]cad to miccry, decav and d!ath. Onu box will cun ontgin one month trratm--nt. Oim dollr a t)4)x, or cix bom lor ftve doUan : S ¦ 'iit by nuiil prijmid oo recelpl of prlce, W'v L'uarantet (ix bnxes lo can . wttfa Hch order r(;clv d by UBlorgix boxef.acfoaipanit'd wiÜJ üvc dollar:, we wi]l nend the pnrrlmcc.r onr written pnarrtnifc to return the moncy if thtri'Mtnu'nt doe not efluct a care. (rimrantn - oniy when thr tre.tint'Dt U ordered direct frotn n. Adilrcs-" JOHN C. WRHTAro., Öole Fropriotorn, isi Jfc 188 W. Madioïi St., Cbkaeo, III. Bold by McSfcrp.Hrown & Co. A.Biiscett Wholoialp Apf ntg, Detroit, Mich. L000 110J


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