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Our Solid Bargains

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As Awakcm Tor the Provcrbially Dull Time at Ihc Great DRY GOODS HOUSE OF MACK & SCHMID ín order lo clOM out tur mniimer mil and be ready for the re.ccplioi, r l'all íO(l, vc llave made weepin;; rednclion. soiid Barcalnt la líre Goódi. We have ui ilie prlee 011 :t,ooo jiinN l)rc (;mxI Ikhii 15 lo cenls, rom M o 15 .n, and Iron, .{O lo 2O eenU. ir yon wanl UMMe jíood, come lake Iheni, uc anl lo net rid ol lliem. Some lovely lre .. I. are wM al a mere nitf. I renelí 1 Umie Lace, Itnnliiiuv all-ool I renelí ai.limere De Belf es, Frencb Armaré Cloih, all%vooi Freaea Mu a 1 lolli, Ore liad i ne and1 inrcih, Solld Bargaloi la ISIaek lre. (oods. Solid Itarsainx in Silk. and San,,.. l,oo yards Black lr. s 00 eem, ere 75 ee it7O were I.OO; al t0 eeoU, ere I.2O; al, wcre #1.50ílí-i IO ¦' 'r-l Mlk, I.O5; Jobl.eiN prlee, 1.3O. Isw i your ehanee lo bu y MU.. Uon't mi, llii. I,OOO yard lre .intf lijims. eul Ironi 15 lo Vi 1-2 eenl. Solid Btirtfiiinx ni lloMeryand Glovea, cnl doun n prieeslo ahoul hall, white .ood, rabie LJnem, Turkej Red l)anmk QaUU. ToweU Napklni, Craahei, ele., al inch evireinely low prlcei iliai e ver jone lioul.l al leas! bny a j earS -upply. "¦¦- Solid Bargata in BMUMUok Bleached and Broivn Collón, Ï i r. ,L" .FSS?"f?i a'' ¦""¦n. lid Barsain in Parasol! Ilit iiiiil be oíd. U'e decline lo earry lliem over lo atiolher m aMjn .solid Bargahula I die.' and .enu' liandkerehiei" 1""' Seari liehu., and real redaelion in Lace, lacladlas Uie im?V'i " "C"!'111'. ¦ enfli, Vermieeila, Langeduoe, Mirecowei, Jordán, valencleaei Lace. Several liundred reiiiiianls and hort lcn{íth of dress goods. rilkj and HUioa, i ¦ I be sold iiliin U,e aexl :to Tiay All goods mentioned above will positively be closed out at prices which are much less than the cost. MACH & SCHMID.


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