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Awful Work Of The Fire Fiend

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From accounts in the Detroit daily papers, we condense the followiiig for our columns : The Evenlug News of the 9th inst., has the followiiig account: „.ï;!"" """¦¦¦, ''¦"JU tlie lire-sweut Hunm península and adjacent reglona indícate that the worst ot the work of Uestcuetion is done, bnt the sickening details arriving every hour show tliat the devastatiou was even more widespread andawful than previous reports liave shown, and tliat at least 31 townshlps and 11 villages in Huron, Sanilac and Tuscolacounties bavesuffered, the vilUifffs being utterly dwtroytd and the tou nships burned over as close as a nummer fallow in many c:iscs. Bridges, tences, barns, houses, stacks. cattle, sheep, twiwuid huiiiuubeiiigs went down before the flanies liko grain liefore the reaper's stroke. Jt isasyctimpossible to give a tithe of the loases or correctly enumérate the deatha, but bo far the follöwing particular are known : SANILAC COUNTY. Forty-five dead bodies have been found near Varis, and inuny mort? persona are miaahlfr. Thedead era nearly all Polacks. At Cat o, Ward's milis and atore, the hotel, and about all the Othet buildings were burned, and in the immediiiteneighboi hond 55 families are burned out. North of Kichinondville and at tliat place :i.S families are known to be burned out, at least 0 other farms are believed to have been devastated, while the shore is lined with refugees. Many of them are so nanic stricken and nam up mat uu-y take the boats for Port Huron or Detroit without a Éhought of oing back to see what is left on their farms Many of these peopleare batlij' bnruod, ..,,.1 lt will be a week jet üefore the tull list of lives lost can be gatliered. At Anderson station, on the narrow gauge road 12 fami lies are burned out. andelsewhere in Washington township (2 families are known to liave lost everything, while many more liave had heavy partial losses. In Sanilac township 50 families are known to be boineess, and every spare bed and place at table u Port Sanilac is taken by the refugees from up the shore and westward on the state road ter two townships back. In Lexlnglon township some of the best farms in the county were situated. Six farmers are heavy losers. From Speaker, Buel, Austin, and Marión townships there is news of 04 farms ruined. Northern Sanilac is n black and awful ruin. On the road from Minden 0 Tyre only five houses are left, and the stoiies of the deaths heretofore told in the News are all confinned. Carsonville was iaved, Sandusky was about the only spot ïot Hwcjit over by the lire In Waterton township. lts escape was a marvel. Later reports from Minden aio much nore discouraging, indicating tliat not less han 120 persons have been either burned ilive or stttfocatcd by the terrible smoke vhieh rendered everything dark as the rom buruing buildings, fences, etc, lit up he sky, and with the screams of men, wonen andchildren.and thebellowingof catle and cruckling of the flanies, presen ted a cene too horrible for words to picture, l'he townships of Forester, Marión, Argyle, ivergreen, Greenleaí, Austiii, Minden and Jelaware, Sanilac county, and Shernmn, Jaris, Bingham, Colfax, Verona, Siguí, and irobably several other towuships in Huron county, are burned over alinost entire and íearly everything swept away. fjtops :ill larrested and everything in the shape of ood consuined, iiioHidiug cattle, sheep, etc. Over 1,000 families have been burned out, and are destltute of both food and clothing. Unleás we have aid from the outside world many must starve. Hundreds are flndibg heir way to Minden in a terrible state, and we are doing all we can to relieve them, )ut our supplies are limited. Minden is in he center of the burned district, and is about the ouly town saved. A train bas ust reached us, and weshall have regular eoimiHjiiication hereafler, thanks totheenurprise of the P. H. & N. VV. R. ]{. Co. I mve jusi .rt..r,„.,i trom the county north f iuifti, and nnd everything oi'auo7.,i rwentj'tiyo dead bodies have been found ii l'aris towniblp alone. Sizteen are reorted burned to deatb in A rgylc township, Niuilac county; also many in Evergreen ownship. Twelve are reported burned ca leuth nul o' Iíí'W'-rvíUf. 'I'Iwmi íollnws :i ist of ñames of those kuoyyn to bc burned Hit, which we have uot room to publish. HÜUON COüNTV. At Huiou City there isn't euoiyfht left to nake oath too. Langdon Hubbard is the atron of the place, and his loss is very ïeavy. Neil's hotel (brand new), the school louse, and a fine bridge - all gone. Staford's doek at Port Hope, the mili and most of the Stafford property is gone, üui. the Stafford Bro's. have thrown themselves inlo he breacli and are heading every !t'cirt made to help the sutierers back in Qore and iubicou tovnship. At Bad Axe over 300 refugees are hudllcd Ih the court house, whiili with two torea and teu houses, was saved. The Irwiu house, Ármstrong house, Schad house, l'ribune office, I'liillii)'s store, Kazek's store, 'ollock & Deady's drug store, VÍ. E. Small's ewclry store, Jobnston's liarness shop, iobson Bro's. wagon shop, Baptist church, the Methodist and Presbyterian churches, chool house and nearly iill the resldénces were destroyed. The loss of life in Huron county is belleved to be over two hundivd. Some of those missing may vet turn up from he swamps, but it is feared few will. Verona Mills is about all destroyed. J. c V. Ludington and John Ballentine, the leavieat merchants, lose everything. Balentine, who is a brotherof Silas L. Ballcnine, of Port Huron, and Hou. W. II. Balentine, of Urockway, wasone of the sufferirs of 1871, when he was left with less than 1 dollar. Ile bas slnce accumulated about S60.0U0, and is to-day ia Detroit thanking iod he saved his life. Thero are well-authenticated stories vhich show that about 100 farms were devastated in lluiiii'. Meade, Lake, Chandlcr, Jolfax, Verona, Lincoln, Bloomlleld, Sijiil, luron, Dwight and Rubieon townships. Worst of all is the fact that there has been a considerable loss of lift:. TÜSCOLA COUNTY. In the Cass City región nine miles square was burned over. Nine lives are known to e lost, and there isgreatdestitutiou. Chas. Hontague, of Caro, has received a letter 'rom Cass City, which reads as follows: " Within a radius of three miles each way from this place there are not less than 20 families who have been burned out and left entirely destitute of everything ezoept the clothing on thelr persons. Thcy are withut provisiousor shelter. In Sanilaccounty ;he destruction i much more general. I ;now of 75 to 100 families in the most ilc s.itute condition possible to oonoelve, with nothing to keep them from starvation. The condition of hundreds of families in thll M well as in Saniluc and Ilurou countirs i ippalling In the externe and mach sulleiin,' must be the result notwithstandlhg the assistance which will be extended.. In the name of humanity fnrther the securini,' of aid. Any and everything is needid. Even liad they money I do not know how they couhl get shelter for all. Luinber cankol '}¦ had as lt is all burned with the milis, so far aa I can learn, except in very iueignilicant quantities. Some plan for a ÍUSJ and eqnlCable distribution of relief abouid be adopted early to avoid the Btaemiaj and often uinleserved bestowal of aid which took place in 1871." Chas. Montague, of ('uro, and J. C. Laing, of Cass City, are proper persons to send supplies to for the nonilieastern Tuscola county sullen rs. 8A0IMAW COUNTY. In Blumficld there are heavy fires In the marshes, but the farms are afe. Iu Buena Yist;il5 Carmen were buniedoiit. The los in Frankenniuth la Iljtlit, belne confinei Tiiostly to hay and fences. Biich Hun am Taymouih iuffrred slightly. On the Wei side of tlio river the lires are nearly out ex cept near Garfleld station, where Mr. Masoi has lost u dweiling and two biirns. Tht townsaf Kiehlaud. Frcmont, Kocliville aiK SagiMw have BÚffered badly, gome 40 üwelongs and imrns aml Iarge amounta o crops and considerable stook has been lost The above tliree countiesaie thegreatea snncrursL bnl. there rn other counties uiii.-n ETte Bres worRed ifreat afiaB i. setífera. We have only gpaoe to give the worst. A TALK OF HOKItOH. Hev. Z. Grenell, jr., pastor of the lust Baptist cburob of Detroit, arrived from Band Beaeh by the narrowguageand Gram Trunk, passing through uiost of the burnei región in Banllac county. He called at the News office on his arrival and gave a reponer ¦ jrraphic and fearful description of tin iMlnmily as lic saw it and lieard of it gom eye-wituesres. Ou his way to Port Hurón by narrow guage railroad, il a. noticed that in soiue places the track had proyed ancHectual banier to the llames, wliich did uot tiiid tuel in the gravel of the road bed. In other places, however, it hurnul the ties and twisted and destroycd the rails, whlch had to be replaeed. In olher places it had leaped clear over the nmd mul taken a new start 011 the other side. Por the most part it got across in sonie way, and the spots of unburnt country were small and lew and far bclween. Frou the car yvlndqwa all the way t presentid to the view the aspect of a biirncd desett of ashes and Nnouldqriug suibera, WiUlpUt a sign of TögeUble r animal lite - a country abandonad by 'od and man, and to which it wa.s linpaauple ba imagine nny one retnniing. TIn tclegraph polea had all b'urned and the vires luid been reset upon any stick tUatcould be found.'and for ioujr dltance L meicjj ,.... ,.t...„ ,,„. üeg 1)(,sklt. the One of the most singular and anpalling phenomena aeconipanying the calainity was the awesome darkness which preceded it and remiiined until all was over. The experience of Sand lieaeh will Ilústrate that of thé whole lake shore. At sunrise llonday the air was as clear as usual. At aluin: 1 p. m. the people began to observe a singular e.opjier-colored appearance of the whole firmament. A little later tliis deepened to a deep red, and by 2 o'clock it was to dark that people were coinpelled to take lanturns to fiud thelr way about out doors. Mr. Jenks, a well-known citizen, said that he pnssed liis band back andforth before his face and could not see. This fearful darkness con tinut'd all theaftcrnoon, wit li au e pasional rift through which the rayg of the sim darted fmtively with uniiatural brightness to be sueceeded imniediately by still more blinding bluckness. Many thought the end of the worll was at hand and were filled with terror. The horrors of the Imaglnaüon were soon intensilied by the approach of the llames, the storles of the universal desolation to the west of them, the dread that they wure feJl MfteSrraibgegaM. less remalns of tho poor victims. Th is awful condition continued all along the shore until Wednesday ïnorning at 8 o'elock, when the wind, which had been blowing steadily from the west, turned suddenly frora the north, carryiiif; the cool, moist ,iir of the lake to the fevered heads and 9inoke and ash-begrimed faces of the people. It was sweet as the breatu of God, and was accepted as thankfully. THK SCÈNES OF HORROR IN TUE WOODS were too frightful for any pen to portray. The dead weie found everywhcre, very rarely reconizable, and in most cases uullstinguUhahle as human remains. Many were mere masses of burnt ment, which feil ipartwhen tuuched, and in very few could sex or a;e be distinguished. From one aody the head feil when it was lifted up, rom another - that of a young womau - lic leg separated and hung suspended by he tendous. In som e places families were bnnd reduced to an unuistinguisliable heap f roasted and blackened blocks of fleèh, where they feil togélber overwhelined by Lhe rnsbing Manies. The inaiiil'old horrors of the calainity were rniD]ifcd ,y fearful tornadoes, which i little from the ground, and it hung above ihe earth in an impenetrable inass, shuttlng out everv ray of Ught, and lcaving the poor creatures below helplcss and blind until the fire caught them and closed their igony in death. Xow and thcu the flanea -hot np in tremendous masses, which would te seized by a tornado and carried .bodily ,i quarter of a mile away and theu hurled lown again to start the llames in a ncw quarter. In tliis way helplessfugitivesllyng for life were penned in by seas of üame iimj roasted Jike rats in a cage. One farmer a few miles trom Sand Beach, who was ilowing with oxefi, hurried to the house ui notlclng the approSchlng darkness, and, thinking he had plenty of time, waited to ;urn his cattle and liorses loose. He then ïurried to the house, and finding his wife nul jtonfl to a neigbbor's toot twochildren liuiselt and gave threé others In charge of his oldest daughter. Iicfore the. had got many rods from the house the llames liad rot before them. He hurried off in anotlier lirection. with his two youngest. but the firl pushed on over the buNling gri:3 with ,he other threc. He cscapcil; the bodles Of the other four were alterwards found In i heap charral beyond recognitlon. Williaiu lluniphrey, the mail carrier front Alivie to Klmcr, staitcd on his route Monday, bnt was nOtVÈD M1DWAY J1Y THE FLAMKS. He iinhitched the horse from the wagon, nade a saddl: of the niail-hags and nioilllt njr the bcast turned back at a galli p. Tliis neiilent is only imagined, tor the horse irrived without rider or mail-bag at Arryle. There the people, bellevlng the worst had occurrcd, tied a tag to the horse's neck and uiged hini back alone over the road. The poor beaat followed the habit rf bid daily duties, and dashed over the road. He reached Elmoie safely, and the eople there leaniwl the 8tory ot his adven, mes from the tag. Ilumphrey's burued lody was afterwams found in the wilderness in one place, the mail-bag half-conluoaed in another, and the wngon utterly BOnsumed elsewhcro. These are but specimen incidents, Mr. Greuell says, in a volume of horrors, the inc-hiindredth part of which can never be told. TUK BtWnra y HK-MUONDVILLE. From another paper we take the following: F. Murray, postmaster and telegraph operator at Hichinondville, says, that on Monday nioriiing tires were isilile to the westward. there being then a sllght breeze, but tliis all died away by 10 o'clock, and there was then no Bmoke whatever. Soon alterwards it coiimienced (rrowllUj dark, md by 11 o'ilock lainps were llghted. l'his darkiic-s was not catiscd liy Miioke, nor was it the daikncss that coinés (Vom heavy clouJi, but was the Qulck-comlnii darkness nf nljfhtfftll. 8o intense was this clai-kness that the lainps threw shadows, U do the eleotrlc UchU. By the rays of a lamp .-landing in liisston' window he could sec people carrylng water fbrty rods awav, and, as they passed through lts beams, could recoguize their persons. There was now a t'aíiit breeze, and .Mr. Muiray tfcöBght the darkness w;is Oaused by the drifting in of dead and scentlcss sinoke. TtiU continued until after 4 o'clock, when another peculiar plienonicnon appeared, in the Bliapè Of lialls of tire in the air. The lint one observed by .Mr. Murray was not larger than a hen's Mg, A neighbor extinguished this one, bul a moment latera larger one feil near his store, which he extlugulshed by stamping npon it. He ays tlie glowing muss appeared to be a vege tablfl suhsiiiiN-c; was lilit, llke cliaroop or rotten punk. As he iut hla foot upm It feil luto friifiiiiciits. 'l'liis was hut tli harbinger of destniction, for by the time li had extinguished it, otlier glowlng hall were feiling all arourid hitn, looking lik raeteora as they llashed thróugh luk sky. As they truck the gronad mínelo tliem would burst int untless. trainents whüe otlieis would bou nd and roll alonga sliort dUtance. lint m matter wlictbe thi'V hnrsi . nr pnt,1 j„t..l .¦ ., t. ....... llamo woukl (cup loitli trom the parehe eartli, casting a liirkl gjow over B sim that was terrible to .-;'lit PIvb min utcs later the village w;is ia lames at even point. Al soon as the baila of lire commence falllngthe women and cklldren rushcd lot the lake, a portion taking refnge below a HOTe of trees to the norlli of tlie liuidin the reinuiiider f,r'iu to the wnter's edgt beneath a blgh bufik fbrther down tiic sliore. The hank a.s herc thirty teel hijrh, iind the remies at tliis polnt hj lyinjr down close to the water'a edjfe coiilc breathe with little (lillicully. A.shns teil h slioweis, howcM-r, rorerljig tin; wirface ot the water and reatillg a lye, so that it was )nly by wadin; out Borne dfstance and èö- iiliT below the KUilaee that li inkable watei could be obtained. The other party farad muóli worse, for -niokc IVuiii llie (treeu leaves of the grove was dense and etmkinjr, and their sull'ern;;s were intense, bul by lyini pione on be Wet sand, and I lei j luiit iinnier.--iiiir ol' he body, tliey nianajreMl to avoid nnothêriii?. Tiiis state of affillra rentinqed nnti] nidiiif;lit, lllOUgll to Uta popr sullerersit seenied all BLC. Asoon as tlie sinoke and hcut had Minvhar abatcil, .Mr. .Alurray a-ceiided the lank and lound not a vestiré of l.'iclimondvillc bul an old rooktry, loig sinee des.Ttid as a dWelling, and u íiame hotel. Aroimd these DOLuing was itauduig, Mld he Manies had eharred them on all sKIeg. ! ".niuii oiiil cliilil feil WorP t J i 1 1 t-,ut1(.id to the BoteT, w lien it was ÍOUnil tliat only tive or six could sec. their eves heilig o inllained Trom sinoke, einders and sand, bat Ihey were blinded. To lelieve their ufferlnjü Mr. Murray went to where had )fcn a arden, feit around In the ashea unI he tound sonie hall'-roasteil carrots, ulled thein froni the ground, scraiied ill the eharred portions, and appiied hin strips of the hot hut inoist portions to he eyes of the bliiuled, with the happiest esults, the pain being almost immciliately llayed. At daylight the sinoke was stil 1 deiiKe, int the sim eould he dinily seen. Thesul'erers had enten nothiug sinee the previous nornintr, and the pao gï of huilgSI assailed htm. l'otatoes and coin lields wore found liat had escaped the COuflagTUtlon and in he hotel was found ahout twonty-Iivc lounds of flour. The cooks were soon at vork, and bread, ffotatoes and roasted corn omprised the bill of fare for breskfast. At abnut 11 oclock two men starte.l for '"orester, live miles aw;iv, and bere ]iroured provisions for the 4(10 hoiueless peole.


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