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But The Papers Won't Stop

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The Alpen l'ioneiT N vcry tender ol tlie feetingsof the tiend Guiteau, and not only doti't want hiin inoculated with pus, as SM ipiiukk recentíy raggwted, bat don't want the luwspapers to niake :my 'ore suggestions as to what wou UI bc a fitting punishment for his dastardly crime. The reason given, is because "the agitation ol such propositlons only creates a feellDg araong the people thut should not exist." We should like to know if any feeling ol bitterness or li.itred " among the peoplc ' li:n not :i ri'ht to exist in view of the niethodical ind coldblooded attempt at murder made bythisojH' %"'ian to the iide of mercy, but we think thU case an exceptional one, where no mercy is deservel. The deed was ]remeditated and came from the niisenible iiusilauimity ol the man's eliir:icter and lts author deserves pusilanimous treatinent. The more the papers agítate the question, the more sure will tli is human hyeua receive the punishmeut he deserves. Our law is sonietimei very lenient. We liave even lipard of people atttempting thelife of the nation instead of the life of her president, who still wander about the country unhung. A sentiment needi to be worked up " vong the people" that will prevent this villain from evading just punisliment, and the papers won't stop.


Ann Arbor Courier
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