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Our Copper-colored Brothers

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The poorlndian has liad u betlertime of it tlmii many of us suppose. Y et thecruelty of Üie red man is to be taken wiih a groat deal of allowance. We adnait that the Inüian is au ijii'oran t, barbarous beinr, and treaeherous in the extreme. But we still claim that he is the original owner of the soil, and that til treatmeiit and the swindling prácticos of unprincipled wliite iiK-u have done much tow;ird m;ikiiir liiin practically autamable. Individual alooc ure not to blumc, but the goveinmcnt ït.-rll has mail.; i.iiuiberlest. promises that have liever been fulfilled. The Indian has been removed trom his ole meani of mpport, bli hnntlng f(roandt, and has iirt-u giren i scanty ailowaiioe to livi upoo, ld' bu Men hta whMe naigiibOT thiivin, wliilchr hlmielf hn tn üvc in rags and aliimt liej; f r i'd Co keep liim altre. Wc are afCWtftmwl to look vi i i t the frequent outbreaks ut amient peopl, opptcMod by lawt lfss si'vitc and sutlVriugoiitraeii onehalf as terrible, as acts of beroianu Wtare free tocondcinn the Knglish nation lor invading thelr territol tal and subduing the barbaroiu natloni of -ia and of África. Vet evcry l'ic.-li oulbrcak of tri!ic ot 0111 own nativo, tviu wlicii camed by the corrupt and oiucl praetteeenl govemmeal ageata, la mt-t with a tirade ot abuso trom one end of the land to the otlni. V ilo not uphold thv lïxl muil in every act of eroeltjf oeau&kted any mom than we uliold the hinidreils ot uiunlcrs cnimtiittod (iimi day or the wlmlcsalc riaughrer at the jo41s on dayi in the South, but wc do claim that tlu re laolteaaD 1 r these nnthnniri Tben are uiany In staiucs ath Bptt CO edúcate and ( hristianize the Indian hare given pioof thathe, wfcra rijjhtly tn-ate!, oin bei,viltaai. Treat ml man with the same jiistire with which we treat more powerflll pcoplc and frequent untbreaka wül result.


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