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General Garfield's Kindness

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Thp lollowinjr little ïnciuenc shows, perhupsfas mucli as anythtnz can, the kindness and sympathy Of President Garfield's nature, and suffgests a üfccuosa to the noble rjncolo. who wns contiimully doing tliose patiënt little things for people who. In t ho mfdst of the natloii's sore perplexities, had no claim on hun whatever. A young ensign of the iiavy, in 187S, )iad been ordered to join nt ouce the flagshlp of the South Atlantic Squadron, then In the Japanese watera - an assignment very mucb looght after by young offloen, as it consisted ot one round of guyety, dra parade and rorgeous show, thougb witha! vcry expensive. The Toang enttgn had jnst oommenoed and desired to complete a home for his oíd párente, of whcnn ne vaa the inainstay, and was anxkmi, therefwe, to bc OMlgned to a less expensive ttatvn; and to tliis end ha appeMed beCore the Ui eer of detail, nt the Department, Washington. This ofBcer sald : " Go to your ship, 8r! nnd learn tbat when an orilcr issues from this Department, it is maant to be obeyed." In this hopeleis Jnncture a frlend uggwtad General i.u liclil. who did not represent the enslgl district, nor had he the remotesc claim on him. He went, however, to his resi.lnrc thal niht. The General was overwin lm l wlth business, yet he listened attentlvly, and said: "Yes, if I can possibly find to-niorrow I wlll o pei-sonally and lee hut 1 can do." Wheu General Garftld appeared before the Conimodore the x( morntog, and alluded to " my yomg iiiind's1' reasonable pica, it was at we granted. Peanut stand- Sinall boy: " Is then ül yor K'ive fora cent? Why, I rotter glttvbe thal many." Vender- " Vis, hut alltie fruit crops is failed this }'f-r, nnd peanitt and peaohe is anoonuton low a conto in." Small boy: "Tben give me a oeit'í worth of ice eream; JlK'in isii't. (ailedu


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