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Brigbton Citizen -. A.nron ffewman came su ïic-ir cliokinji ri-cciitly lïom i piece of candy entering nía wind-pipe, tliat hi the latcb etiinjjon the golden gat. líewaygo Tribune: Jacob Vf Hder, aged 01 veáis, .,ii OctoberSth hu-kol 12 bushels "t eort in the foremoon, due 8 bushek of ptafctea In the afternoon, ana attended the fair at Hesperia the oext ilay, Madyto run S root-race. ci ! Adrián Presa: Om the Wabaah, mar Mootpellcr la a marah and the road-bed sinks and requlree Silfos up. Jost now ir la plomp in t lic iiiiid .¦nul frelghl and pasenger have to bctraaaferrcdorertbe An Arbor line to Toledo. Berrien Connty Record Tbe Democratie candidate forGovernor of Ohio la the manDfactrirerof a team boiler wlth rast Iron llui's and erownshect.lit, only t blow op the peojgle who run it. The boiineM and candidacy go well together. Tascóla Advertiser: On the farm of I. C. Tbmpklns, in the town of Wells, fifty pple and cherrytreea were killed by thé lite tire. All the fruit tnea scerohed by tlie heat are iu iull lilooin. He showed u ome branches covered with bloaaqnu. Midland Sun: Mosl purdeal ei i i ei is wlm have been busy hitherto In nrophesylng an open winter are active now In " tix'injr up" th(tir iiwellltigi lili banklngs, battings, ele., aaiif tbeywere anticipating an " old siiitier" of a aeuaon, a riin dow n old arUc fellow, you know. Laii8ng Republian: llncuf the constables if Lnnsliig presented to the Board of Supervisors, on Hohday bist, about tvenl foTMTViCea in cases ot -salt, and battci." Il' anv more tOWIlgbip fairs the offleer 1 1 be in a "jiickle" himself before hc reanzes On iho-e billa llillsdale Slandanl: Connty Trcasurer La FIik r bid the tanda for delinque o t taxes in lliINdale couiity lust Monday inorniiiL'. the $d inst.. and aariwd al Lansinjj the sanie afternoon at 5 o'clock with his returns to the Auditor General. Thia is the qulckest return of taxs sale ever made by any eounly treasurer. l'ionfcr M:i'_nict: Soine think the high price ot corn will opi'rale in favor of temperance. It uiil at leasi have a mvcb efi'ccl as an old, "soaker" going around and telling hls dnihken stories to all tbe foola who goto hear him and pay hini for it. It is nioney these diaps are atter. and don't forgat it. B Kapids Current: The Daily Enterd the Mecosta Advaoce are barkiug at caiii otber as férociOUSly a Öthet baiinlesj doos sonietiini's do. 'i'he l'oriner ealla tbe latte a '¦( Un" and the lattcr relorts by Baying, you're a "Puppy." They shoultl rcnieiiibur tliat "cvery doghas its day," and not fooi away wh'at little time they have. Sau'inaw llerald: Tbe IIoiv;iate matter ¦Jtpiste be a ve ry quecr mixture. Anolher suithas _un against him iu New Tork lor $35;pOÖ embezzled there. This fellow was boni and bied in the demooratic eounly ot' Maconib, in this Slalc. and IMnai to have inibibed inore tlian tlie ordinary anionnt of cussedness even trom auch dem orratic surroundings. This is tbe way the Berrien Springs Era ptrta it: t ïhotiid have soinethlng to say about .ome ot ()ur sidewalks tbis week, but we have com-ludcil tbat they were old cnougb to spcak for themselves, unless by reagon of their delapldated condltion they hare the abilityto do so. We are waitin paticntly to sec tbein repaired, and P"t In gfiod ahape. Ponliac Ten delegates have heen appointed by Ooyernor.Jerorae to takt part in, and look out fbr Miehigan's interests in the Mississippi river improvenient eonveution. Tliat eonvèntloD will be treat ed on Ik -t of whi-ky, and f "oldMissis.-ip" don't. ggt stroightaned it will not be the f'ault of the straighteat dronk crowd ever asscmbled. It'.sa'biir iob, and don't forget it. Marlette Indev: ]f any one thinks tbat railroads are built for tlie accommodation Of the public, Oet bini uudertake tQ reacb MarleUe from ('vid on Satorday and he will liave hls thotighte dl8slpate'd in' short order. 'e tricd it on Satnrday last. and were kept, af l)ur:ind ten bours. We reaehed Poft Tinrou at eleven tncrocK in iiie evening and were obliged to rernain over Siindny. Hut, never mina, thé mirrow gauge wiil reach n-iar In abiiut a week more, and tlien il one timb-tablu fails us we can consult anotlier. Kalaina.oo Telejíniph : It s ui uKl say"ÍX tluil i lie wUJ travel leagues, vhiït trutli s putting on its boots. A statement has in'cn made by thiá Gaztitte and the Tlmee (li.-ii ez-Sheriff Gates U a stookholder in Uu1 TelcLTaph. Mr. Cutes lias no' liad ;i (lollai'.s iük-iv.,t in the Tslegraph for the past stx years; hor has lie any intentioo of iiccKTiiiiiL' :i BtockhóTder. e state foi tho ren-nii thal peradas spcak lo hiin in cegan) to bu-iness matten of this office, baying been tpteljaad i statement! made by the rimes and IjheGazètte. Iiiham . Deinocrat: Mr. Peter Etchcll, of ihis city, in the ,sl-i year i hstartcd Tucsday morninjr for All n Arbor, lor the piirKi-i' oí' iiHvinLr liis rlght hand ampatated. For I wo .var. past Mr. Klclull bas suffe retí ímicii, causcd by a canearon liis hand, wliich lias ifradually enlarged and becbme mofe painful nntlll e believi a thc only way for biin to flnd ri'liof i by the amputation ofhis hand, tbougfi lie mu to realize t i! an extremely haunlnus andertaklnc for a man oí bis age. liis aged witc accompRTiled hini and be expecte to bejoined by a son in l)ctrr. Montcalin HettiHf: A Bntfaestlo'rt bu been made to ns wliii-h wc ill uiakc public in ii'v if notable ooouitettoe Lo thc írmale well of thc county iaU on Moiiday inorniíiLr 1 asi. The suggestion isHjís: thal thc !!n:ird of Siip.'i-vi ori make a étílall apapproiniation al thcir nct sesMl] for Ihc parpóse ol pnrcliahiiitr a rape to t placed in each ccll of the jai) and also for a gtaple and rmg to be placed overhead. Thia uonld be a LTcat ronvenience to the irioners ni casi' llioy anted to take themOff i uto I lie otlier World, and save the eounty any furtner expense on thcii' accttbnf. Thc nv stinent might prove a proiritable one (oí Be Jwiity. Clinton Néíi While two of OUTWell k'Müwn business men were in Ann Albiir. Iwt ucek, attciidiiif; the liiir. tlitv ]int upat i!k' Cook lintel, and when they wc re shown to thcir i-oom by thc sable atteridaht, be, with tlic pollteneéa of ¦ Ohesterfleld, sajd : MB, 1 suppose yon know how to do u id ilc gass." Aller bcin left alone to tlnir réflectlon, they eyed (ach other for ¦ inonicnt and then coiiinieni'ei I s ylgorom seatvh with a conib. bul no hay-seeil put in au appcarancc, and alter waroblng their pockets Iniiiiil do badge OÍ a gMBgBf. Then one of tham tumped up and began huntiiv,' tor the bcll-ropc to cali back the ¦' ".'enilcnmn of color " and ask liim if they shouUl leave the key on thc out-side of the door or takc t in. l'hc Michigan Tribune says tlmt Hattlc Créek has arrived at a stage in her bealthy pmu'i css whii'li would appear to furnish a irurantec a;ainst that retrogTesSloil whicTl manrifiii hüi.u-, grocviaa imvns. It is travliug in the ooucse ef old and Qourkhing rannufacturing clties of New England, analt luis becomea kind of center of graTiiv to siirroiindiiii; towns and vllrtges. To in exlcnt, thal, lew reali.e, it is ïb&Orblng trom thi'ir pnpulations. Marshall. li. Three Rivers, Tekopaha, etc, beiiucopntrlhutors of fcnterprtglng cittzens. Bowever. let none liave Ihat ÓTergTOWn contiilencc in tbc continued prosperity of the city whioh begets iudlfference to opportunitics for adyiincemenl for the neglecl of opiiortuuities brlhga icaction to towns as w ill u indlviduiils.


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