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The Senate

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The flrat a.'tiou of tlioSenatc:u'ler.wearlag in the new senators. I.aphnm, Jliller .nul AMruli, was to adopt a reoliittori oflered ly r. Ediuunds (Kep. Vl.) tliat the itaadiog oommtttcoi sbould V oontinued ageonstitutcd at tlie last -ssioii, the president pro tem. being anthorized to !l] rcataciet whert thoy may exist. The Republiciuis now liuving rcgained control of the Senate etafted .Mr. David D;ivi, of 11!., prc-ideiit pro tem., nppbMttng Mr. l'.ayard. M i-ssr. Anthony and Ba} a d, senior iiicinlxTsof the Sonate, conducted Mr. DavU to the cluiir ;md the President was notiiled of liis rkctidii. Xo furtlicr steps have been takan towud mtguMag Scnate, Mahone i'.sistinipon the Rvpnblicans standing hy (orhain and HiddlebcifUT fof scrrctary and .siurijcani-at-artiis of tin: Senate. The follouing noininations have been made norcoftflt-med: Walker Blalue, itiiru as.-stant sccretary of stak', and a nuniber of United Siaiis consuls and postniaster.s induding JNIark S. Iirewer, Alioliigan, consul general al Berlín; Alexander Jourdan, Pennsylvnnia, consul at Algiers. Ainong pobtmasters confirmed an I.yman M. QatM, k.ilaniaoo, Mich. ; John L. Hariison, Decatur, Mich.; John Otte, Mt. ClemMicli.; Clms. E. Wcstlake, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; Levi J. Kimball, Norway, Mich.; .lanu s N. Crodkw, Rood City.Mirh., Truoaan 1). Sait, Sliakopeo, Minn ; Geo. P. Witter, (rand RtpMt, Wh.{ also Calvin 15. Walker, Indiaim, deputy commissionercf pensions, and Robert S. Foster, Indiana, maislial of the Uuited States for the district of India'ia; Hanibil Hanilin, minister to Spain; Noah C. JMcFarland, Kansas, onnnissioner of the general land office; James W. Siles, Indiana, United States cousul to Cupo Town; liobert G. llolly, Vermont, Inited States consul; Sctimus J. ll;um:i, rpjrister of lands, I.ea.lvillc, Colorado; A. C. Phillips, receiver of public inoiicy.x. llurriüun, Arkansas; alsoa niiinbcr of postulasteis. The Scnate adjourned 011 Sloiulay iintil today, nofnrtlier Imsiiiess of importance belng done.


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