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After Death In Arabia

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He who died at Azan scnds This to comfort all his (rieads. Faithfui friends ! It lie, I know, Palé and wMte and cold as snow; And ye say "Abdullah's dead Vy Weeping at the feet :ind head. I can see your sighs and prayers; Yet I smilc, and whisper this - I am not the thing you kiss ; Cease your tears and let it lie ; It was mine, it is not "I." Swcct friends ! what the women lave, Kor the last bed of the grave, Is a hut which I am quUting,' Is a garment no more fitting, Is a cage f rom which at last, Like a hawk, my soul has passed. Loyc the inmate, not the room- The wearer, not the garb- the plume üf the falcon, not the bars Which kept him f rom the splendid stars. Loving friends I Be wise, and dry Straight way every wceping m: What ye lift upon the bier Is not worth a wistful tear. Tis an empty sea-shell- one Out of which the pearl hasgone; The shell is broken- it hes there. The pearl, the all, the soul, is herc. Tis an earthen jar whosc lid Allah sealed, the whiJc it hid That t reas ure of his treasury, A mind that Jovcd him ; let it lie I Let the shard be earths once more Since the gold shines in his store ! Allah glorious I Allah good ! Now thy world Is understood ; Now the long, long wonder ends ! Vetwc weep, niy erring friends, While the man whom you cali dead, In unspoken bliss nstead, Lives and loves you ; lost tis true By sweh ütfht as'slnties for you; But in the light ye cannot see Of untulfilled felicity- In enlarging paradise, Lives a life that nevcr dies. Farewell friends Yet not farewell ; Where I am, ye too shall dweil. I am gonc befíirc your face, A nioments time, a littlc space : Ve will wonder why ye wept ; Ye will know, by wise lovu tSQgfat, That here is all and there is naulit, Weep a while, if y are fain. Sunshine stillmust folio w rain; Only not at dcatli- tor death, Now I know, 3 that lirst breath Which our souls draw where wc enti r Life, which U ol all liie's center. Be ye certain all seems love Viewed lrom Allah's tlirone above; He ye stout of heart, and come Bravely onward to yuur home I 1m Allah illa Allah! Y ca f '1 hou love lUyme I Thou love :ilvayl He that died at Azan nrrt This to those whu made his grave.


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