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The Trial

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Although there Is a second attraetion in Washington uow (Jongress is in -ton, (¦uüeau eecins to draw as large Otowiê M ever. Two important witnesses were examined on Thursday of last Week, Mrs. Julia M. Wilson, a cousin of the prisoner, and well known here as a foriner resident of Ann Arbur, and licv. K. A. MacArthur, pastor of the Calvary Baptist chureh of New Vork. The fornier Wil very positivo in lier testimony to the effect tliat insanity wan nut hcreditery in the family. She had known the father of the prisoner and adniired hiin very inueh M a kind, C'hristian man. She had net the least suspicion that ha was insaiie. Botfa she and John V. Uuiteau think that it is a hard enough blow to their family to air its connection with the prisoner without proving hereditary insanity. Kev. MacArthur ttstitled as to Guiteau's irregularities while a member of his ehurch in New Vork. His testiniony gave the prisoner a very bad character. In faet. f he has any redeemin; traits of charaeter, tlu-y are yct to be brought to notice. Kiiday's testimony eontinued adverse to the prisoner. During the üxaiuination of the two witnesses he was very unruly and exceedingly vile and insultinjr, uiiif; IsnglMgC that niiiny men would be loathe to Ustèn to ontside of the court room without ieeling inclined to use the persuasire powers of a good rawhide to induce the rascal to hold his tongue. It is now said to be evident that the jury will return a verdict of guilty without innch liesitation. Dr .spitzka.of New York, was called as witness on Monday. He believed in the insanity of the tritium, liaving made an examinatkm of the prisoner's mei. tal condition. The whole trial is a disjrusting farce. Quite a sensation was created by some one in the audience crying out, "Snoot Mm now," wheu the assassin was more insolent than usual to the counsul for the prosecution. Tliis cooled this cowardly villian down to a good degree. An BXpert, Dr. Fordyce Barker. of New York, was examtneil al Wltnw tnr the prosecution, on Tuesday. Wliile Spit.ka has had eight ycurs' exenenee as ¦ physii an, Barker is an old man and ba prailioil medicine all of his lite. The latter believei that the prisoner s sane. A few others were examined and all testilied to the depravity of the assa'-sin. (íiiiteau continued as insulting as ever. On Wednesday one of the juroi-8 was sick and litlle tc-tiinony was taken. At the rlose of this week (iuiteau's case look, lielpless. ]5y the majority of the people he is onnttdered a sane man, and tlie jury will undoubtedly hold him responsible for his oriinfc.


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