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The clonation to Hev. E. tl. uay aniounted to over $100 cash. We are very much pleased to see our good people so liberal witli that article which keep8 body and soul together. We hope wlien a donation is hadfor the other ministers, this example will be followed. Just think ! Two hundred a-;d fifty loads of wheat bought in Chelsea on Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tnesday last. Averaging the loada at 50 bushels, makes i a grand total of 12,500 bushels. Wedefy . any town in the State, of tbis size (1,500 inhabitants), to make as good a showing. DEXTER. From the Leader. The new windows and carpets for the Congregational Ohurch have arrived, and j will be put in their proper places as soon as possible. We have it on good authority that the Toledo and Ann Arbor Railroad Company will construct a road from Ann Arbor along the line of the Iluron River, calling at Foster's Delhi, Scio, Dexter, branching henee to Birkett's, Pinckney, Howell, Byron, Corunna and Owosso - crossing the Detroit, Lansing and Northern at Howell, the Chicago and Grand Tronk at Bancroft, and the junction of the Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee and Saginaw división of the Michigan Central Railroad at Owosso - thence into all the Saginaw pine Country. The advan tages of such a route are obvious. It would open up much new country, and connect towns and villages which never onght to be separated. Onehalf the cost of lumber freight would be saved to manufacturera and dealers here, while competition would give us a doublé route and j triple accommodation, besides immediately halving the freight charges to Detroit by eiving us a shorter route Kast by way of Toledo. MANCHESTER. From thi Enterprise. The eongregation at the Presbyterian church on Sunday morning voted to have the trustees invite Rev. Geo. Wallace, of N. Y. to preach for them the ensitiiig year. Since the lst of January. the Manchester post-offlee has been a 3d class offiice, and we observe that our veteran postmaster, Mr Walbrldge, has received the appointnient, and will continue tobe postm aster. The committee authorized by the conimon council to purchase a tire engine, have contracted tor a crane-neck hand engine, throwing two streanis of water, 500 feet of hose, and a fine hose cart, etc. The engine is the Rumsey make, and the entire "plant" will be,tirst class, and will cost about f 1,900, including freight, etc. The agent agrees to have the outfit here within two weeks, and will come here, organize a company, and instruct it how to use tbe apparatus. SALINE. From the Observer. The Lutherans are raising funds to send to the recent flood sufferers in Germany We understand they have already raised several hundred dollars in this place and vicinity. At a meeting of the directora of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance company, iield last Saturday, post-master Mason, of this place, was appointed assistant director of said company, with power to take applications and issue policies in the above organization. This will make it much more convenient for the farmers in this vicinity, who have or intend to secure their property in this company. YPSILANTI. From the YpsllantUn. About 20 couples from here made Jas. Cosjrrove of West Sumptcr a surprise visit Weduesday evening, and despite the bitter cold and poor sleighing enjoyedthe ride and social time minensely. Iris Day, residing a mile south of Eaton's Mills, lost both of his houses, a new one recently built and an old one, by fire Wednesday night. We have not learned the cause of the fire or the extent of loss. The Gospel meetings at the Methodist church have been coutinued during the week with increasing interest. The labors of Mr. Higgins, the evangelist, are well received, and it is quite certain that much larger results will be reachcd. Already over 30 persons have signiticd their purpose to lead a Chrlstian life. The meetings will be continued every night next week. Bible readings are given every afternoon except Monday at '2:30. Eureka! We have found one. Aftcr being on the point ot offering a reward to anyone who could find an item of interest In that grave-yard of defunct jokes, the Ypsilanti Sentinel, we have at last dicoTered one. Here it is: 'The store of Robbins & Rathfon had a close cali, the other evcning, by tbc explosión of a band-lamp carried by an employee. The flame were prouipfly extinguished without damage.