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Ann A Kiíoit, Mich., March 5, 1883. Editor Courjer.- -I, Edmund Day, of tiie township of Waterloo, Jackson county, Mich., do afflrm tbat on the 19th day of June, A. D., 1881, the commissioner of drainage of the town of Sharon, Waslitenaw county, liad duly advertised to sell a portion of the Sylvan and Sharon ditch, and tbat 1 did appear at said sale and did bid off a portion of said ditch and com pleted the same according to the terms of my contract and to the satisfaction of the drain commissioner of said town and received the necesary certifícate of such commissioner. Tlie town board refused to pay for the work becausethey thought I had made more than day wages on the job. They have persistently refused to pay for the work for eighteen months. Tlie amount due me is $250.00; for which the town board offered $125.00, if I would give a receipt for $250.00, which I refused to do. I live fourteen miles from the town hall of Sliaron, and have traveled this distance ten times on being notified by town clerk. About seventeen inonths ago the supervisor said he would not stand out if I could get a statement from the prosecuting attorney that the matter of said ditch was according to law. I got the statement requlred, and the gentlemen refused to listen to said statement because it did not agree with their will, namely, to cheat a laborer out of his pay. The culminating point is an arbitration before E. D. Klnne; and the said E. D. Kinne is their paid attorney, and he has decided that the written contract should be thrown away and that I be paid common day wages for the actual time employed working on said ditch.without any interest on the money they have held in their hands for the last cighieen months. I have submitted to this arbitration from which I have no appeal. Francisco, Mlch.