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"a Sort O' Expectin' Look."

"a Sort O' Expectin' Look." image
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Boston Transcript. A New Hanipshir eountryman last slimmer uscd to do a good deal of observant sauntering about a house waere boarded somecity ladies. Üue oí them, not very yoiing, bul of very attractive appearance, carne in for much staring, slirewd, rather than impudent. Onceit carne in his way to do her a service by which lie discovered her name and also llie protix Miss before it. "Well. I 1)0 hangcd,"' he remarked, "t-f Iliain't puzzledover thet a bit. I wouldn't ask. fvir I kind a made uu my mind long ago I eould almost always teil. Somethin' about ye didn't look married, an' somethin' did. "What was it did?1' she asked. Well, asort a look as ei you luid about settledit; was coutented, an' dóne fur, an' didn't ask nothiu' o' no man."' "Is that look so unusual?"' "VWll. yes: hereaboijtB 'tis; but I've sceu that" look afore in vvoineu trom lown you way (Boston,) 1 used to s'pose tbem er hed it was always marrfed, but it seems not. Well, all 1 liav to say is. tain't natural! A woniau ouoiit always hav a sort o' expeotin' look about hev till shes hiluhed. It lielps lier inarket. It does. no mistakc"


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