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SCALE8 AND SAFES. : RJANUFACTURERS of Platform, Hay. Wneat IVI and Counter Scalea. NEW AND 8ECONDHAND SchIbh and Safe for sale and repalred. I 1128 117 M. N. ROWLEY, Detroit, MIch. PATENTS oh'nin.d, and all other bnoineae In the V. 8. Patent OfflcH attended to for MODBRA1 E FEE8. Our offlce is opposite the U. S. Patent Office, and we can obtain Patenta in lese time than thoee remote from WASHINGTON. 8end MODBLor DKAWING. We adrlae aa to pmentability fne of chwge; and we make NO CHARGE ÜNLES8 WE OBTAIN PATENT. We refer here, to the Poetmaster, the 8upt. of MoneyOrd Dít., and to officials of the Ü. 8. Patent Offlce. Por circnlar. advice, termi, and relerences to actnal cliënt in yonr own State or .iHinty. addre8 C. A. SNOW A CO.i 1119 tf Opposlte Patent Offlce, Washington, D.C. r"r THI8 PAPER L- J JBRAINSW LgSLL WWim r GOOD II 'or i antl ftJ1 otbor H G0OD I IaDTIPI cd newpftpri in thë ¦uEUOMtTM yt I lULHoW icorld c%n ba mwli E_ ___!_- __i INTERNATIONAL NE W8PAPLER AOENCY H. P. Hubb.rrt, I'rop., New Hbtcb, Ct,, V. ft. A. f the Ktwipuwr ud Buik IHrMtorj f Ih. W.rld. TO RENT A suit of rooms orer the POST OFFICE (oud for the MILLINERY BUSINESS. Apply at COURIER OFFICE. 32ÖACRES FREEI -IS THE- DcvIIs Lake, Turtle Mountain And Mouse Blrer Country, NORTH DAKOTA, Trlbutary to the United States Land Offlce at CRAND FORKS, DAKOTA. SECTIONAL MAP and FULL partlculare mailed FREE to any addreas by H. 0. DA VIS, AsHistant Qeneral Passenger Agent, St, Paul, Uinsupoli: & fcnitofai K, H„ 1134-1I3T 8T. PalL, JIIW. nur IDCCT DIRI CC Ev" FumUhed Arcntt CO I DIDL.C.OuouIllnar.tlonijlTO.s. lrftiir. Mn KíwTU...tÁ(;j;ilK WANTED 11189-1140


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