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It Is Well

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Yes, it is well 1 The evening shadows lengtben ; Uome'B golden gatea shine on our ravislied sight ; , And though tbe tender ttes we strove to strengtbeu ., Break oue by onu- at evening time tu liglit. Tis well ! The way was ofteu dull and weary ; The spirit fainted oft beneatb its load ; No uunshiue comes from sldes all gray and And yet our íeet were bouod totread tliat road. Tis well that not agaiu our hearts shall ehiver Beneath oíd eorrows, once bo hard to bear ; That not again beside Death's darksome river Shall we deplore the good, the loved, the fair. No inore with teara, wrought from deep, inner anguish , , , Shalfwe bewall the dear hopea crushed and N'omo're need we in doubt and íear to languish ; So far the day is past, the journey done ! As voyagers, by flerce wluds beat and broken, Come'iuto port beneath a calnier sky, So we, etill bearing on our brows the token Of tempest past, draw to our haven nigli. A sweet air comctli from the shore inimortal, Invitiug honieward at the day's decline; Almost we see where from the open portal Fair forme stand beckontng with their smiles divine. 'Tis well ! The earth wlth all her myriad voiees lias lost the power our senses to enturar, Wehear, above the tumult and the noises, Soft tone6 of music, llke an angel's cali. 'Tis well, O friends 1 We wouhl not turn- reThe long, vaiu years, nor cali our lost youth back ; Gladly, wlth spirits braced, the future facing, Wo inovn hoiiiml thp ilust.v. foot-wom track.


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