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Death Of William Noble

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After so short a sickiiess that scarcely any one of his many friends had heard of it. William Noble of this city, died at hls home Friday morning, Marcli 23d. The Wednesday morning belore, he went to Detroit, and taking cold, a chili was brought on which at once prostrated him. He at the very first realized it was fatal, but so few signáis of danger were given that not even the watcher of the night, who left him shortly before he breathed his last, had the slightest idea of his conthe disease, and as yet do not know what it was. He was bom the 7th of September, 1819, in OrleansCounty, JT. Y.; raarried at the age of 21, and came to Ann Arbor in 1869. Always taking an active interest in churcli affairs he had filled many places of official trust, both in Albion, N, Y., and in this city. At the time of his death he was the treasurer of the board of trustees of the M. E. Churcli. A planing mili was operated by him and he wasa builderandcontractor. Such was his integrity of character that every one recognized in Wm. Noble a man of strict honesty of purpose and practice. Of strong convictions and steadiness of resolve he always commanded the entire respect of those with whom he was brought in contact. Always active in iers ïooKing 10 me ïmprovement of the city and the observance of the laws, last year lic was the candidato on the teoiperance ticket for uiember of the State legislature. The funeral took place at the Methodist church Sunday afternoon, and was largely attended. He leaves a wife and tliree children, besides very many friends, who deeply mourn hls loss.