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MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, MONTANA, WASHINGTON AND ORECON. IN THE NORTHERN PACIFIC COUNTRY. wwuww' I CVLfl Í'" írMA 4 ! v-j! - And Lant O.vntA I ouAMAjdí-'-ÍI" "Ir"O''! ,V r'r' .gilOKJitTr... _' OHEaOW RILWAV L NAVjOATKJN CO. J ,. -"fc. Blugl JM- T J% -[ -J On MIL L ION ATRFQ' 'he '"'" KannlDg. UrazlUK and TIn. her prlce rn&lng chlefly from W t.j w.on per acrt-, nni] If dolr.-.l. .m i jear' time. An equul amount of Ooyernment itnda rrk-ti aKrlfiilturtl, kII. sllver an.i othir mlirl and foreat Unda), re open ior nulemcnt under the Homeatead, rre-pmnlion and Tree Culturo Lawa. Thit abe Kekk to all! THPfiF I ANHC rearli 50 mflea "ii c-a-li nide ol i he Nonlirrn Rallroad. and ¦¦¦, IjMHUO frum the Grett Luke lo tbe Paclfie ()cen. Both the Rallroad and üoverament laods are brlnjj rapldly taken un. Come and select a proouctitk rtoriTABLK farm lnthlsthe bist moseï xakimi coühtbt in aebiua! THE HFALTHY PI IMATT rertlle ll. mrf .-n.pB everj yi'ar, abun." ,¦; nt#fc.ini VLIm A I C dam fuel nd water, and gre! demand for labor at (rood wages. offer great Inducements to acttler. Dtkota SprluK Whett, 'No. 1 Hard " brlnus 10 to 15 cents more per bnshel than any other klad of wbeat. PPCC 1 For maps nd piibiirntlonH. Hrni Irr of charge, auil ior all lnformatlun relatlne lo ¦ ¦ ¦" ¦" lands, ratea of fare, etc, apply to or addresa F. B. OROAT, - orCHAS. B. UMBOKN, . Osn'l Emigr. Agent, St. Paul, Mimi. Laiad ComiulMloner, St. l'uul, Minlk 11S8-1U7


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