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ixchange. The malarial chili is ono of the most horoughly established oL American institutions. It prevails in all parts of the and , and is at once the most troublesome and the most convenient complaint known to mankind. In some cases the tliill is qiiite slight, and the maiarial symptoms are very strong. In others the chili is the principal development, and it attains dimensions which were never dreamed of when the complaint was iu its infancy. Probably the most powerful chili on record was expenenced by a clergynian in Orange County, N. Y. It had beon racking this pious pcrson for some time and he had been tryinn- to quiet it with quinine. This remedy nol proving ellicaeious, a parishioner recommended whiskey, and furnished a of it. "VVhan the clergyman feit the chili gathering its powers for a fresh wrestle, he lifted the jug to lus lips, and, as he says, '-drank thoughtlessly. The context appears to justify the ïnference that he meaut to say "copiously. The effect on the chili was very remarkalile. It at once started the reverend gentleman on a walk. Happening in his walk to come to a railroad station, he was impelled by some power he could not comprehend to jump upon an outgoing train and ride to Port Jervis. Reaehing there, he was impelled by the same mysterious power to go into a liauor store for luncheon. Not liking thelooksof the pUce, he went into another of the same kind. The mysterious power was evidently an evil one or it would have led its victim into some other place of refreshment. By the time he had entered the second hquor store, his control of himself had gone. and his recollection also nearly failed him. He was induced to drink somo beer, whether as a remedy for the chili or not he was subsequently unable to state, and he also tried his hand at a game of cards with a bar room loafer. So far as he can remember, the game was a failure, but the dimensions of the failure are notgiven, throngh a weakness of memory. Subsequently lie emerged from the back door of the saloon, lost his way, but finally got home in a more or less bewildered condition. We are not informed whether or not the chili w s still with him, but the probabilities are that it had left him. It is evident on the face of this artless but aft'ecting naxrative, given substantially as itwas related by'the victim, that he was suffering from a very bad chili, üther chilis shaken their victims, 1 j. iLl. „.-. 1,1 n i-OniriTTOO T nlil. OT 11 IS ' N IhIXIíj sxj ivyv v-Lr . ¦ liouse uto a railway car, then into two rum shops, theu into beer and cards, and then into mental oblivion. Surely a, chili of sueh dimunsions and ovil powBi- ought not to be trifled with. Tliis o-ood man's experienco will be of vahío to other sufferers. It will show that a chill cannot be overeóme by drinking mixed quinine, whiskey and beer. We should have said as nmch without this demonstration, but there are donbtless other victimswho are as innocent of the effects of such a combination as the elcrgyman was. This was an aggavated case of chills. There have been others in which the malarial aspect was strongly marked. Ahavd-workingman thus amictedwent home the other night, as has been recorded, and. was discovered by his faithful wife applying a match to the faucet of the wash-basin, under tho hallucination that it was a gas fixture. Ho was impelled by a mysterious power also, although his wife believes she can teil what it was. Then thcre was the Englishman whose case was considered of suflieient impoitaneeto bo illustrated in Punch. He was found one morning sleeping soundly under an umbrella which had raised between him and his wife. He accounted for it by saying he "fancied somehow was'h storm coinin' on." A mysterious power had also impelled him. That Is why they cali the chili epidemie a convenient as well as tronblesome complaint, It eovors a multitudo of sms.


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