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Round Time's Clock

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Twelve deep notes- the last has sounded In a solemn tone and slow; Twelve deep notes- the last has bounded Limits that the year may go. One long hour wefve watched the dial, Marked the minutes sink and climb, Urged bv hands that no denial Bröbk, while drop from out the vial, Orain by grain, thcsands of i une. Dlng-dong! While those notes were pealing ' Caliuly ?er men's peace and ütrife, Vlsions rose witheach, revealing Much of yours and mine- our lile. January- February ! Months that lisped in baby rbyme, When we vowed we'd one day marry, Grumbling we'd so long totarry For the lagglng whecls of lime. Diñe- done ! Each note disarranges Cbildhood's projects. bright as Crleí Many chances come and cbanges With thc bursting of tbe leaf. March and April ! Storms and wcoping ! You, 'mid music-pupil's prime, Scorned my ícats of speed and leaping; Though at home you were but keeping, I at school was beatlng- Time. Dlng-dong ! Soft f rou-f rou of ilouncee, Mingles with the muñled knell; Lo, a ballroom's gaze annouuces You the season's pride and belle I May aud June ! The maid, who met me 'Neath the chestnut tree or lime Oft of old, must now forget me, For new loves aaide must set me Llíe strearnartarebtime The lightsomc counten anee of afriend giveth such an inward decking to the House where it lodgeth as proudest nalaces have cause to envy the gilding.


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