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fact is, Sir Roger, l don t approvo of fox-hunting; at least, not for men. 1 think it an unnianly kind of sport." "Unmanly!" "Well, yes; you know women can hunt. I have, lots of times; and have always been yi at the death, I'm ashamed to say." "Theo what on earth do you consider manly?" "Well - bicycli├▒g. Womcn can't do that you know, noteven with divided skirts."- Punch. A Southern paper tolls of a man who broke his back by sneezing. That is notliing. A large-mouthed man in Kansas, a short time since, dislocated his hip joint by yawniug. There is a man on the Kast Side who is so ' roundshouldered that he has to take stickingplaster to hold his shirt on. The champion thin man lives in Wyandotte. Every time he shaves his face he nicKS the razor. An old chap living on Blank St., has sueh a long nose that he has to take snuft" iu April in order to sneeze in July. The midget in a New York museum has such a small mouth that his mother kisscs him through a pipestem. There are any number of strange people in this world. "Yes," said the level-headed schoolboy, "I'm at the foot o' my classes, ant I calc├║late to stay there. "Then I don' have to stand the wear and tear o anxiety for fear I'll lose my place." -


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