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The Matrimonial Muse

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I love a mild domestie lile, Devoted dearly to uiy wifc, So mueh so, tbat froin hcr cxtends My íond affection to her f riends ; And first ül all - no spooney raw - Oh, don't I lovc my mother-in-law ! My pet's oíd pareat'a rather stout, I mtght just claspher waist about; Some three yarda round, and not much more, I've thoughts of widening my front door; 1 6houldn't mind the expense one straw, üb, don't I love íny mother-in-law ! At times I may myself foreet, Whicb, íf she thinks, she tells my pet; But when I do't do all I sbould, Her telling tends to make me good ; I'm pleased to have her tlnd the flaw, Oh, don't 1 love my mother-in-law ! The servants th t upon ber wait A pleasure have which must be great ; And yet can wc get none to stay, I grieve so when she goes away, Tears f rom my heart lier turnea heels draw ; Oh, don't I love my mother-in-law ! A sweet oíd soul, how pleasedl feel To eee her at the social meal Of dinner Bit, hcr mouth a chiok Ke'er opened save to moat - and drink ; And I'll ne'er grudge (I am so íree) Her gin and brandy in her tea. I hold ber in such filial awe, Oh, don't I love my mother-in-law S


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