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MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, MONTANA, WASHINGTON AND ORECON, IN THE NORTHERN PACIFIC COUNTRY. il !JMgStíVHTAft!).TO 1 I'OREQOM RAl'l.WAY fc NAVIQATION TS B1' 3Wft{ f-f x' I,. nn ¦¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ r & ABEO o' tbe beat Wliot. Farming. (razinc and Tlmber M.J IVI I L. L. I %J n AwK CO Lndarc íor Mlc br the Northern Pacific Hallroad ai prlcei ranglnfr chlefly f rom 2.60 to 4.00 per acre, and lf deslred. oa 5 years' time. An equal amount of Government lands (rlch aKrlcultural, gold, Bllver and other mineral and forest landH), are open lur evttlement under tbe Uomestead, Pre-emptlon and Tree Culture Laws. Thkv are Kbke to all! w UCCC ¦ A M f% C reach 50 miles on curtí slde of the Northern Pacific RHllroad. and I il BOB LHll UO from the Great Lates to the Pacific Ocean. Buth the Rallroad and Government lands are being rapliily taken up. Come and select a fbodcctivz, pbofitablk farm In thls the bxst monbt uaking countbt ín Ambbica! mm u e U C A i U # f I I AA ATE 'ertlle solí, sure crops everv year. abun I1C nBMklnT vLlItln ¦ E f dant fuel and water, and Kreat demand for labor t good waget. offer great Inducements to settlers. Üakota Spring Wheat, "Su. 1 Hard," brlngs 10 to 15 cents more per haBhel than any otner kind of wheat. pñpE 1 Formapsand piibllcatlons, ent free of charge, and for all Information rclatlntr to ¦ W mm Wm i lands, rat es oí f ure, etc., apply to or adüress F. B. OKOAT, -orCHAS, B. LAMBORN, . . Oen'l Bmigr. Agent, St. Paul, Mimi, Land Cumuiissioner, St. Paul, MicOy 1138-1147


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