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syrup. : The Createst Blood Purifier Knownï , A posltive cure for RH.-n mul mii. In all Ha varlous forms, rt: CUronlc, Acute, Inflammag , íory, Sclatica, and Muscular Rheumatlsm, Neuralgia and Gout. hi Au infallltrfo remedy for all diseases of the Skin and Blood, such as Tctter, Ringworm, g „, Eryslpelas, Salt Rhcum, Scrofula, Pimples, Blotclies, Kfcc, &c. 9 '1' It restores the diseased tlver and Kldneys to healthy action, and dissolvea and expela from tno 3 r blood all the acrld Polson or urate time" conulnod therein. whlch Is the sclo cause , oí au ¦ j Rlieumatlc .Dd Neuralglc Pain. Manufaclnrcd by RHI5UMATIC SVRUP CO., ¦ .il Rochester, N. Y. For sale everywhere. Send for circular. . ol Rhtumatlc Syrup Co, Bütlee, N. T., March 10, 1882. 1 U Gents- I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for what your Kheu s matic Syrup has done for me. After suffering over one year with the rheumatism a 4t in my shoulders, so I could hardly get my coat on.without help, a fnend ïnducea B me to try one bottle of Rheumatic Syrup. Aftor taking it I could see such a decidett ¦ change tliat I contimied its use a short time, and it curcd mn. DAMhL KUi-. g


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