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From the Herald. About two hundred went to Ann Arbor from this place last Saturday to see Jumbo. Master Harry Morton has not been tardy, nor absent from school In the past two years. Harry is only eleven yeara old, but wlll enter the high school department next spring. About 100,000 pounds of wool have been marketed so far, of which Kempf Bros. received about one-half The ruling price is 28 cents, although 30 cents has been payed for considerable. We'U give our wheat figures in tliis insure, to enable our coteuiporaries to find the ratio when tliey received the Crop Report issued by the State. Here they are: Kempf Bros n ais k_ Babeock & Ollbert 5ÜTO "' Johu a Taylor ."."".Ï.'.5.2U3 " Total, for Juae 21,8iHbu. DKXTER. From the Leader. Sheep-shenring is now fairly inauurated. A bout $2.50 is the average pay for a uay g shearing. The Band will play in the park to-night and every Saturday eveniiig the rest of the summer, weather permitting. A fla" will be run up when the weather is favoi" able. The railroad meeting last Mnnday night was not a success. Mr. Ashley was detained at Detroit, and could not come, and so all that was done was the appointment of a committee to con ter with Mr. Ashlev as to what he expects of us. He is to be here next Monday night, and we hope a larare audienw '!" " ,,._4. y " MANCHRSTRK From the Enterprise By the aid of the telephone last Tuesday wc had the pleasure of listening to sorne line piano playing in Ann Arbor. We learn that Messrs. Cavan augh. Moran, and Whtelock intend to enter the Lniversity the Misses Merriman and Ida Sloat the formal, and Miss Hunt will teach SCxiOOl. Mis. Fanny Robison, mother of Mack Kobison finished piecing a qulit with 98G p.eces, June 23d, it beiifg her 75th birthtafef"1 48 qn'Ü& She haS Peced The gradiiatiiiif esercises of the senior classof the Manchester Union school carne oft at Goodyear Hall on Thursday evening last. The hall was c.owded and many reCuí.eTei.becauseof"otbei''ibi SALINE. From the Observer. 1 he entertainment or strawberry festival and sale of quilts at the Mrthodtat churcli on Tuesday even ing was a fi ne succes, socially and financiaTly. Tlie sale ot the two silk quilts amounted to $44 00 A private subscription of $28.00 was nrevious y raised by the ladies of ttecíurch and the first quilt bid up to that amóu'n and presentad to Mrs J. C. Wortfey w fc ot the pastor. The second quilt was bid slat Uif ' rs,Sears' ' vUstetowñ snip, benig the happy purchaer 'l'hp rece.pts of the evening footed up $156 00 and the net receipts would likely be in wards of $1400.0, which amount is to be MeTotVcUUcfningtlleOf TPSILANTI. From the Commercial. A new departure and one worthy of ree ord For the first time the Board of Fd ucauou furuished an alumni di,,„er ft vyas due to the children of the scl öól when A. O. Wendell's County Directory eVes ,iáü. Ín i8Sd 10)4aO)anlnc This city m 1878, 4,803. ín 1883 6.B7K an crease of 1,573. This is a low 'est ' mate, multiplying the ñames in the direc tory of a city by I At the east 8 tó 4N a ratio. So we are safe Q afflrmin? a oi ulation of over 0,000. ¦ p ' „,, . From tile Sentind. .1 he pipes to convey the water from the niñera! wel], to the sanitarium are heinl aid, and loads of thein arrive èvéry d " After fint of July Mr. Bemosh will run daily mail coach, and carry passenger" etween here and Bellville. Ve slia 11 n" eavor to be an early patrón. S"al1 e"rp. . From ie Ypsilantlan. 1 he graduating class of the Hio-h School uinbered ten, of whom eight wreïX nd two gentlemen, of ve were onlga scholars. The eyes, the hístJrhm formed D, were of the me "color and yedeg0'" tt" of-"'Editor of CoÜkiek : We venture to ask who invited the speaker who delivered the commencement address, and why.a person was procured whose manuer upon the sticre be. fore the great audlence, composed of Faculties, Students and fiiends of the Institute would be considered a Uisgrace to wy liigh-school lad? We admired the literary finish of the address, bul why ihould not the orator of such an occasion iave at least as much grace as is required )f a boy who graduates at the high -school-' Is this the kind of elocution taught or leglected at the University? Why not ess Latín and Greek and more instructon in speaking our own tongue. Friend of the University.