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Charges Against Company A

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Not a little indignation has been stirred up among the menibers and friends of Company A, over an article published in tlie Jackson Patiiot, which, in speaking of the local company on the day of going to camp said ; "A majority of them seemed to be sober, but a few were going f rom one saloon to another, and judging from their hilarity were rapidly 'lilling up' with intoxicatingbeverages." ïhe above having been brought to the attention of the Brigade Commander, a written enquiry was made of Captain Manly as to whether he permitted the visiting of liquorsaloons by hls men when in uniform. The Captain at once replied: "After a careful examination of tlie charges made, I am prepaied to refute them, and in behalf ofniy company, do most respectfully request a full and thorough investigatian." At receiving this the General commanding expressed his en tire satisfaction as to the untruth of the report, and the Colonel of the First Regiment congratulated Captain Manly and his company upon the saüsfactory termination of the case. In the article referred to, the othercompanies which passed through Ann Arbor on that day were also charged with disorderly conduct and with drunkennness. Soitseems as though their commanders also should have been called upon for explanations. Had this been done we presume they would have had more difficulty in proving the untruth of the charges than did Capt. Manly. The charge of intoxication against some of the soldiers on our streets last week would not have been without foundation, but we areconfident thememjers of the town company in no ways disgraced themselves by drinking.


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