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An Unsatisfactory Meeting

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A little man, in walking down the dustj road one day, Met a little woman traveling afoot the other way; And, laylng down hls big vallse, he bowed Ín handsome style, Whlle she returned hle greetlng wlth a curtey and a anille. "Can you Inform m wbere, ma'am, I can find a wlíe!" said he. '"Twae on my tongue to ask about a husband, pir," said she. 'I'm weary oí my single state, ana many miles I've gone For one who'll cook and wash for me, and sew my buttons on; Who'll walt on me when I am well and tend me when I'm 111, And never glveme cause to erumble at a foollsh till. Do you know any one, ma'am, you can roccommend!" said he. "I'm looklng for precisely such a husband, sir," eaid sbe. He puckered up his lips and whiotled thought fully and low, - Then slowly reaehed for his vallse, regretfully to eo; Whlle, with a pensive little smile, she gazed up at the sky And watched the fleecy cloudlets as they lazlly passi'd by. '"Tls plata I'm not the husbaud you're after, ma'am !" said he. '"Tls evident I'm not the wlfe you're seekine, sir!" said she.


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