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Cincinnati Culture As Shown By The Pork Merchant's Daughter

Cincinnati Culture As Shown By The Pork Merchant's Daughter image
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Brooklyn Eaglc. In the elegant drawing-rooru of a Cinoinnati pork merchant's mansion a largo company was assembled. All the luxury that wealth couldcommand contributed to the gratificaron of the guests. Upon a blue satin divan the pork merchant'sdaughter, gorgeous in silks and pearfa and liiainonds, wascon versing with a fricnil. Pr;sently her father approached and said: "Pauline, I want to say a word to y ou." The girl arose and aocempanied her narent to the seclusion of a bay .vinel o w. "Pauline," beganthe olil man, Hiero is a eouple of Cleveland dudes in the dining-rooni having a hot talk about Coperuicus. I was afraid tliey were going to ask me to decide the dispute, go I made sorne excuse to get out and come to you. Now teil me, who was Copernicus anyhow?' "Oh, father," exclaimed Paulino, "how could you be so ignorant? Why, any school-boy knows who Copernicus was, lio sailed trom Palos, Spain, on the third of August, 1-Í92, and discovered America the followiug Octobcr." The venerable purveyor of swine gazed exultingly at his daughter a moment and then said, with a suggestiou of sadness in his iones: "Pauline, my child, if I had your brains I might have been a Unitod States senator frotn Ohio.''


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