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Peck Doesn't Like The New Stamp

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cck's Sun. m Tho new cent stamp hada piclure of George Washington which is not as beautifal as the onc on tho old green three-eent stamp that we have alllearned to lore and rerereso. The oK! picture represented George's massive forehead perfectly natura], and the can't-tell-a lie expressfon is familiar to all. But the new stamp, the color of a brindlo eow, makes Washington look like a narrowheaded crank, with indigestión The firm-inouth is laekiug, and tho picture looks as though he uot only could teil a lie, but gloried in his shame. He looks :.s though, instead of being the father of his country he liad just been convieted of being the father of twins that were no relation to hitn on the mother's side, and he liad been sentenced to suuport them by taking in stairs to scrub. No young man eould look upon this twocent brindlc stamp and look np to and admire George Washington. There is nothing bont the face lo inspire eonfidenee, aud if we did not kuow that the government could not put a picture of Jthe sainted Jesse James on a stamp, would be a feeling that Missouri s favorite son had benn made immortal by baring the muellaje Iicked off the back side of his head, where Ford's bullet struek, by forty ruillion people several times a day, It is possiblo Georp;e Washington may be played out as the front side of a stamp, in the niinds of our rulers, who believc, that the picture of a man who could not teil a lie is a constant menaco to the great men of the present day who can teil lies as easy as rolling off a log, and that tliey are inakiughis pieture a worsa ookngone each year, hopiag the people will demand achange, but tbc time will never comö when auy other American that ever woro hair can take the place of George on a postage stamp. Some of thr lattcr day statesmen may be prettier than George, aud tliey mvy have more money.and theymay dressbetter, but knowlng their weaknesses as the people do, they can never put stamps containingpictures of recent statesmen on thoir tongues with that feeling of safety and veneration with which they swallow the mucilage from George. There has always bceua feeling that a letter startod for its destín ation, with a green George Washington stamp on the upper riglit hand corner would get there, without much fooliiig at way statious, but since the new brindle two-cent stamp has been on duty, thero has grown up a feeling that a letter is liable to miscarry, aud tliero is not that confrdence m the postal branch of the government that there should be. In many cases people continue to use the old green stamp, regardless of the extra eent's worth, in order to show their respect for the man who loved his country so vvell that he would not steal it blind. As long as this brindle twocent carricaturc of Washington is allowed to disfigure the letters that pass through the mails no person need send a dunning letter to this oilice expecting that any atleiition will be paid to it. We are as willing as anybody to pay debts, but pati'iotic love of G. Washington makes it seem wrong to trille witb his feelings by gazmg unmoved upon that brindle stamp. If he had any friends left they would compel the government to desist from injuring his reputation by that cow colored stamp.


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