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1 MS. SMITH&GO. THE- DETROIT JEWELERS, l'ublish Below tlieir ám n L l TATI: Ü STREET V T'CiS. NEWl Sjl DETROIT S I II e L )Q FORr ST. WEST. Sföw CONGRESS S7 : Q 0 I Q l5l tá 1 s i Í larned 6) sr. C3 t OLD l 1 i 5 5Ti á JEFFERSON AVENUE woaoBRiooE sr. "" - _ A1VA IER Sr "- Map of the new business center of this city, showing the locatiou of their elegant fivestory building, which they willoccupy November lifc, 1883. Yisitors to Detroit are cordially invited to look through our new plaee, which will be found second to no house in this country in all its appointments. Undoubtedly the most perfect bieycle now made is the 'Coluinbia.'" - Scimtiftc itneriixtn. "Go forth upou jour wheeled horse, and list to nature's teachings." THE COLUMBIA B1CYCLES Are nade as strong and durable as the' best mate"rial and most skilied workmanship can produce. They are used by Merchants, Clerks, Ministers, Lawyers, Doctors, Messengers, Collectors and Carpenteis. They iurüish the cheapest and best means of KAPID TKANSIT, give the rider the healthiest of out-door exercise, and in a word are THE POPULAR.STEEDS OF TO-DAY. 'I shall rejoiee to #se the time wlien this exercise shaü be as copular among girls and ¦omen aa tennis and the danee, for the more iully the phvsieal life of our womar.kind is düveloped the better for men as well as women." - Dr. JRiehanixni, of Loiidon, orí the Tricyde. "N'ow good digestión wait on appetite, and health on both." Til E COL ÜMJiJArjUVYVL E Is a new machine fov general use by both sexee and all ages. By the addition oï the Columbia Tilcycle, The Pope Mf'o. Co. can claim to fui-nisb wíieels for THE WHOLE FAMILY. For grandfather, grandmolher, faticr, motlier, young man, youug lady, aml even to little Jonnie and sissie. Send3c. stamp for 36page ilhistrated Catalogue, with price-list and full iuformatiou. THE POPE MASUFACTUR1SG 00., 5Ö7 Washington St., Boston, Mass. Or to OHAS. WAGNER Agent. A nu Arbor, Midi., 3; S. MMnBt. "PORT WAÏSK J ACR-'Oif Rñ liet-oit mü JiulianapoUs Line By Sllciiii;in Contra! Rallroad f rom Aun Arborfj laokaon. Traína leaïe Ann Arbor as follow [ndlauipolis Express - w .„ l't Wayne Aoooiuodation 5 22 u m L'inclnnnti Express 11 17 p m All tritins leave by Ubiouú lliue Procure tickets ot Anti Arbor or Jackaon. M..Q WQODFOBD. Can'l Sui Kvery "Live lerclïai IN ANN ARBOR Should Advertise IN THE COURIER. ASC-tRS WANT50 ;t Sehaff Herzog itíi]Gyciopa3dia RELiáíOOS f KNOWLEOGL By PHILIP SCHAFF Aastatnd by ovei of tlie moe', acoom nllBlied Blbfe scholara in AmV-i "? i Tlie work ld to b COmplited in II Kim oruvLe?!u?d„oio'viLiS 1 1 1 win ba oompleted In h few month No bitter wor1 than Ihis (br ra,,,!.,,,,! agent.s to h.ndl.. KclD8lve SïrtïSS 'ÏR5S Address, HORACE STACY 177 VV 4lh8i., .iwvr.' o ¦¦HHiBaMpBBBIBBQflHIHBIBiH


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