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An Old Song Analyzed

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Vou all know tho old 'Sinir a Song of Jixpence." but have youevorreadwhat t is meant for? Tho four-and-twenty blackbirda repesent the twenty four liours. Tho jotlom of the pie is the world, while ,he top crust is the sky that overzat-hes it. The opeuing of the pie Ls ,he day dawn, when the birSs bjgin to ing, and surely &uch a sight is iit for a iing. Tho king, -.rfto is rcpresenled as sitïng iu the parlor counting out_ his money, is thesun, wliile the gold piecps that slip through his iiogers is he jountsthétn are tiic golden stmshme. Ule (jueen. who sits inthedarkkitohen, s the moon, au'1 the honuy. with vvhich 3ho regales liorsolf. is the moonlight. The industrious maid, who is in the varden at wurk before the king- the snu--has risen. is dnj--davn, and tlie elothes she hangs out are tho clouds, whili' tho bircl, whu so tragioally ends the song by "nipping off her nose," is ihc hour óf sunset.' So we liave Uie wbole day, if not ia a nutshell, in a pie. ]3ogs' heads are Ü:ö favorito form this geason for ladk' I;. )ln and similar ornaments,


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