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The Way Peck Looks At It

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Bhiine has originalcu a ne.v BU- to eet rid of the surplus rcvenue on whisky and tobáceo vvhich Ú accumulating In the treasury. His idea Uto divide it up ajnong tho states. ihis would allow half tlfl states to live off The other half. A pewon who has never had any symptome of betegJj slatesman is not expeeted to know Sta talk in the same moetuig K BLaíne aml sueh truck, but a eood many would likxB to know why i fouldn'tbebetirto pay the national debt wilh it, if a business man in Chicago owed a huudred thousand dolU r, 1 bis business brougUt lnm n o much money taaiUft't know what to do with it, he woaid be a fooi to giye S Sf aml let the debt eat him up. Howevcr there may be some law eet up and di fc. „- Ayoungman went to sce his lady love Ze nlght and staid so late that the girl's mother brought m % dmf,fr Indaskcdhimto hateh them for her He lcft aud declares he will never cal again


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