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Dr. Stowell is out of town for the holidiys $7.00 to Chicago and return, goot] from to-day to Jan. !)tli, to studente. Prof. M. E. Cooley and familj' spend the holklay vacation at Fairport, N. Y. udge Cooley becomes Cliief Justice of the Supremo Court of the State on January 1, 1884. Prof. C. S. Denison left for New York tliis week to purchase a new set of models for hisclass in drawing. Dr. Wilson gave the second of his lectures on Hygiëne Ia9t Wednesday evening in the Homceopathic arapitheatre. College doses to-nlght, the vaoation lasting until .lannary 8. Nearly uil avail themselves of tlie opportunitv to puy a visit home. F. D. Haskell, '78, is expected home to spend the holidays with his parents and frtenda in tliis city. fle is teaching at Kalamazoo. His Satanic majesty as it appeais In Milton's "Paradise Lost" received consideration in the Eiiglish masterpiece seminaries tliis week. Harry Forbes, of The Chronicle, has been conlined to his room this week with a lame foot - :i return of a trouble of some seven or eight years since. Dr. Van Slyke and faniily left on Saturday tor a holiday visit to his sister's in Albion. The professor's classes In the laboratory ñnished their work with hini on Friday preceedinir. Alien B. Pond, '80, formerly teacher of Latin in the High School of this city, but now of Jaekson, was visitiiifT friends here the foie part of t':e week. We are glad to Know of Mr. Pond's better health. The President of Wellesley College, Mass . is a gradúate of '70 of the Univeiity, Miss Alice Freeman. She is a Doctor of Philosophy, is at the head of an institution with an attendance of 500, and is but 28 years of age. IIow is this for coeducation at the U. of M.? E. H. Buil, '82, died Dec. 5, near Campbell, Minn. White liunting with a party of frieuds he received a wound from the premature discharge of his lire-arm. His death waspainless au hour aflerw.ird wlnle in full possession of bis faculties. The deceased was buru at ï,a Salie, 111., July 8, 1860. We have received notice of the death of VV. J. Warner, '76, on Dec. 1 Itli, at Lake Genera, Wis., professor of Natural Scieneea in LakeGeneva Seminary. While at college he was prominent in his studies, and In conneetioD with the'Students Christian Association he was at one time its President. The deceased was rapidly attaining a high position in his chosen Prof. Harrington is prepared to send froin the astronomieal observatory n this city the exact central standard time on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 to 0 a. m.. by teleplione, to any one witliin its reacta that may desire accurate time, as jewelers, public -oflices, and scientiiic observéis. The telephonie time transmitted at the observatory beats seeonds for two minutes and a half, but intermits five seconds just before the beginning of the gecond and third minutes. Wheu called up, the professor starts at the beginning of a minóte of standard time and announces the minute verbally. For example, if called at 14 minutes after 8, he will announce the time to begin at 8:15, and the hearer will rrceive accurately 8:15, 8:16, 8:17, and 8:18JL. Thefollowing corrections must be added to Standard time when local time is desired. Corrections for otlier places than tliose given will be communicated by letter when desired, and further Information may be had from the teleplione ottice of any city: Port Hnron, 30m. 21s. : St. Clair, 80m. 78. ; Mt. Ciernen, 28m. 828.; Detroit, 27m. 51s. ; Pontiac, 26in. 50s. ; Lapeer, 2Üm. 45s. ; Monroe, 2(im. 42s. ; Toledo, 25m. 35s. ; Ypsilanti, 25m. 29s. ; Flint, 25m. 16s. ; Aun Arbor, '25m. 5s. ; Saline, 24in. 5Is. ; Hay City, 24m. 32s. ; Dexter, 24m. 28s.; llowell, 24m. 17s. ; E. Swnaw, 24 in. 17s.; Tecumseh, 24m. i)s.; Adrián, 28m. 47s. ; Comuna, Sim. 838. ; Owosso, 22m. 47s. ; Jackson, 83m. 23s. ; Lansing, 21in. 47a.


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