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As oiir observant readers II notice, wt'...

As oiir observant readers II notice, wt'... image
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As oiir observant readers II notice, wt' cune (uit iliis week with a chantre n iiic malte-up of Th Ooubikr. Botii sidesare printeU at home, and we will buoo be íu :i positioo ugive mora attention to county ncws. Sute and aattuua] poliiii-s, and algo lo local happenings. Our advertiréis, appreciating tbe valué ot using our OOlnmtU, we liave pei'hapa a)lowed Xq moiiiipolizc :ii ilines loo mnoli gac& Tliis now can be obviated, and 'í'hk CoDEIKB as ever will inaintain a p.)licy of alertucsa cIiíhii iiews; conMTVaüsm ot npinioB ; te.ulosnes.s ot lliought ; nciependenoe of action : tor the Union tirst, for Repabllcan jd-incilles ncxt, and ulwaya aiming for tlie Good añil True. frauda must be denounoed; sedltions leachinga tnust be exliosed ; noble ideas need to be encouraged ; good raen doiug ood need to be sustained. This is a high ideal, but, t is a good one to attempt. We do not mean by thiri to try to rnn a " xody-goodv " paper, but our aim is ratlier toward a bruad, liberal stand tor whatever is true. and ennoblinir, and (br tlie betterinent of the city. the county, tlie State, tbe jíovermnent, the race.


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