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The Origin Of Ear-rings

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Awordinff' to the Moslem creed the reason why every Mohatamedan lady considere it her duty to wear ear-rings is attribdtod to the foliowing curious logend: Sarah, tradition Iclls iis, w no jealous of thr. preforence shownby Abraham for Hagar that he look a solemn vow that she would p herself no rest until she had mutilated the fair faée of her hated rival and bondmaid. Abraham, who had knowledge of his wife's intention, did his utmost to pacify his embittered spouse, but Ion in vain. At l(iifrt !), howevcr. she relontpd and decided to forego Itcr plan of revenge. Hut how was she to fullill the terma of the vow she had entered intoP After maturo reflection she saw hn way out of the difficulty. lustrad of disÜguring the lovcly features of lier bondniaiil. she oonteoted herself with borinp; a hole in each of the rosy lohps of hei" ears. The legend does not inform us whether Abraham afterward feit it incumbent upon him to mitígate the smart of these little woundg bv the gift of a costly pairofear-rings, or whether Hager procnred the trinkets for herself. The faot remains, however. that the Turkish women, all of whom wear ear-rings trom their seventh year, derive the U8e of these jewels f rom Hagr,wbo is held in veneration as the mother of Ishmael the founder (jf their race. - Deutsche l'oniau Bibt&otkkek. - - Ex-Governor William Smith, known as "Extra Billv" Smith, of Virginia, eelebrated his eighty-seventh birthday at his home in Warrenton, in that state, a few days ap;o. The venerable host appeared hale and hearty and greetod his legión of callera cheerily. Amon those present were tnany leading members of the Virijiiwa bar. - Chicago Tribune. - William H. Vanderbilt .ind Mr. Frank Work hare not spoken for years, and the oHi feud between them is &h bitter now as ever before. 'l'he two veterans of the road meet quite of ten while drivino, and a raee betweHii them invariablv ooOUW wlien thev do. - N. T. Herald.


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