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CWAWES Q Pms Known to Men of Fame and Science for Rfmovno ALL IMPURITIES OFTHE BLOOO. ctaovledgid & 0:iad, Fliuint, asd Zffleleat Cor for rnWCTIDATiniU trM at itool, bad breath, nVQPFPQIA known by irregular apprUfOrcrPIM, jiu% 8OUr belehin, weight and tenderness at pit of stomach.despondeney. LI VER B'lÍQPPej. Malaria, Chilla añd W fc-fl pevefi cauiing lurenesi in back and sidV also bottom of riba; ocarines?, irritability, tongue coated. skin yellow, hot and cold sensations.eycsdull.dry coïiffh.stiflcdiiiidobstructed foeljng, irreRiilar pulse, bad colored stools. APfíPl FXY i'plIcpN.T.Paral.vwiK.dim firuri-t-AI?si.'bf sound in eam, giddinew, confusión in head, Bervotuneu, flashes of lipht t.cforc eje. l'H of rnemory. Diasea of Bladder and KIDNEYS urined'ark orlight.rcd depoit; burninc btingin, hearing down ionsationn. frnpient desir ti r.--. .iorw. itiflatnM hm. ...'tnu, tbfril. nUrnar T n J-flfi I , heart. mure fo on moTJDg qnicklj and when 1 v uu n laft aide : out of breath on eiertioo. MTAnAPUP lti:" "r DftrP ptini in tcDipl., nCnUnunL; eyei Or head; faintne, nausea. Dropi.r is cauaed by wfttery flnid. Khcnnintiwiu. Ac, l'v uric aVi'i in blood. Bowrl IHordert br corrupt mattr. Wornu -y the ]■■ ■ w itliin. 4'oltls t'v choking of tl - aecretioiia. HUIVK' I'IIJ.S, b7gQttt ax-tioD, remoren f lic rause, makinr a permanent eure. Sent hy mail fc ■-'.'- ctuu box of .'{ i'ilN; 6 boxea, $1.0. (In p'stagotinfJ.) Addreas. IK. MWATNR A MON, nalltkdelpfat. Pa, 8oM t.v Oruggiau. 1129-1180 PSALMS. [revised] HEAR tliis, all ye peoplo, and givp car all ye invalida ot the woiid, IIo] Uitiers will make yon well ajid to rejoice. :!. It sliall cure all the people and put sickness and suffering under foot. 8. líe tliou vot afraid wben yonr famly is sick. oryou have Brlglit's diseaseor Liver Coinpliünt, for Hop Bitters will cure you. 4. Both lnw and liiorli. rioli and poor know the valtie of Hop Bitters for btlious, nervousand Rkeumatte complaints. ■. Cleanse me with Hop Bitters and I shall hare robust and blooming health. 6. Add disease uoon disease and let the worst come, I am safe f I nse Hop Bitter?. 7. For all ray life have I been plagued i with sickneu and sores, and not until a ] yeir ago was I cure by Hop Bitters. 8. He that keepetfa his bones from ingfrwm RiieumstUm and Neuralgia, with Hop Bitters, doeth wisely. i'. Tliougli tliou hast sores, pWnples. frecklfs, salt rheurn, eryHlpelan, '■ poisoniiig, yet Hop Bittt-rs will remove theni all 10. What womnn !s there, fcelle and sick from femaleconiplaiiits. who desireth ! notbealth and useth Hop Bitters and is ! mude tcell. 11. Let not nejrlwt to use Hop Bitters i ; biii.goii seiioiis Kidney and Liver plaiuts. i 12. Keep thy tongue from heing furred, ' thy blood pure, and thy stoniach from i digestión by nsiiifr Hop Bitters. 18. All my pdns and aches and disease I ' tro like chalí' before the wind when I use I i Hop Bitters. j , 14. Mark the man wlio wn.i nentiy dead ' and riven up by the doctors, aller using i ', Hop Bitters and beoometb well. i 15. Cease from wirr.vinf about i ' ness, general debility, and urinaiy Lrouble, for Hop Bitters will restore you." - - - - - ,_, i A place whera busques are m:ule is not a basket, any more than a place wliere bisque ornamenta ;irp niürie is a bUcult. Tured of (Spasnis. "I am well and happy airain," savs rrar . fair correspondent, MIm Jemile P. Warren, 740 W. Van Baren 8t, Culcftffo. III., "Tour Samariían Nsrvine cured me of ■PMIU8. Mr?. Livermore i again inquirlng, "Ylmt slisill we do witli our glrls?" The girlsahould do for themaelves lliis year. ES'-Well Dressed l'eople don't wear i (1in-y orfadetl tiiings wheil tlie 10c, and guaranteed Diamond Oye ill make them ood as new. 'J'hey are perfect. Get at I drugu-ist, and be ecnnomicxl. Wells, l{chardson & Va.. Barlliigum Vt. It !s not nec'essary to go ti solmo] to [ tiuve a tutor. Vour boy m;iy own a lish ' liorn.- Waterloo Oliservci. The fatlier of nía country is-;id to liave learned ihe plensiire of trarellnir on four I wlieels when he took a hack at the cherry tree - Ex. Cuiiviiicinif. Tlie proof ot the pudding is not n cliewiiiK the string, bnt in haring un opportunily to taste the articlc dlrreot. Kberbaeh & Son, the druzgilts has a free trial bottle of I)r. Bosanko's Coujfh and Lung Synip for each and every one wlio la affllcted with CourIi's (Jold's Asthma, Consiimption or any Lung Affection. Camillus, Onontliiga Co., N,Y., Jan.l0,18si. Rheunudic Syrtip Co.: Gents - 1 feel t my duty to recommetld jour womleiï'ul medicine - " Khenmatic Syrup"- to all who are uflertng with rheumatisin, neuralgia or kiilney Uifflculty- I linve been areat aufferer witli rlieumatltni, cauacd by kldney diflSculty, and have been treuted by onr best physiclans, but they failed to reach my oase or benelit me in the lenst. I saw in the Anbiirn papen the Manies of a nuniber who buil been permanently curedbythe use of Kheuinatic Syrup and tieinji arqnainted with niany of tbem, I was Induced to try it, and to my surjirise I ferand that all pain had left me beforo I had Hniebed the ftrst bottle. I oontfnued Hu use for a time and to-day, I am as well ai ever and feel 110 more pain or trouble witb my kidneys. It has been several mootha since I discontiniied its use, so I kiiow it is a permanent cure In my case. I min testify thut Rlieuniatir Syrup will do all- yes, inore tban you claim tor it. I im your truly, Mas. Hattik Paddbck. Dou't Die iu the House. " Rougb on Rats." Clears out rats, mlce, roaehes, bed-bugs, flies, mits, moles, chipmonks, gopher. löc,


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