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THISSPACE RESERVE FOK il I IL "A CLlnrioAÖACE The above depicts a very pleasant feature of bicycling a a sport. The club haveridden from thcir headquarters in the city, to a euburban vilInge ome twenty inih-M away, where they await the arrlval of the racing members who were to start j un t thirty minuten later. Five minutes more and the two foremost of the mcing men - Fri,on his '4 Harvard," and Yonson 3Ji his " Yale," appear Ín ight. The pace is LremendouH : the men are neck flnd Deck, and Lodge, the captain of the club, whom you ohiurve is leaning on hia "Shadow "light roadstcr. In the foreground, declares the race a tie. " Where are the other men? " he awks. ' Oh, behind, Boniüwhore," ie the reply. "Are thora any ' Harvard' ' or ' Yalc'u' or 1 Bhftdow'a ' nmong them 'f " ' Not one." l Ah ! that accounts fer i':,'1 Pftj8 the eHptaln. Anu-ru-un bicyclera hm n body wlll re Hz e the tJTQQ of the captnin's lat rernark, but the thoulandfl of new riders which the oorainji year wiil irodUOfl, should each o"' of thera reAÜze that he only tTUu iiiomy in cboosing a bicycle 'm to i; conti-nt with nothing lern than the very best luu moiuy wül procure. Ëach ahould fliid out ill he can about bicyclen bafore makttig liiholce, and in order to aestat enquirera ín their lüarch for inforraation, we will.on receipt of a i three-cent stmnp, send to any addremt, a copy f our lartie illustruted catalogue by return mail. THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, The Pioneer Bicycle House of America. [BttÉbUahed 1877.] Import! ng Manufacturé of Bicyclea & Trlcycle Oor Ffíioh' 1Jlt-, Pohtov, Maor. hjj THIS PAPER "j BRAINSW ls on FILE and WpERSSTBfll j PM verUslni: contract ■ JJ ' j GOOO II iorlt Lndali other H GOOD IaDTIPI rel oewspapers ín Ou HuPUCPADCIK AnllULboM xcorld can be made MnCVVoiTsrtlM f ' ' ' , fc on tho most favor r " ■ I ablc terras at tho WB INTERNATIONAL NEWSPAPER AOENCY II . P. I! u lbrd. Prop., Stw nTf n, Ct., l . . A. f the NiwiMixr Ut Buk nirrrlor; of tl Wor 1(1. THE DINGEE & CONARD COS BEAUTIFLX. EVER.BL.OO9HNG ROSES iufcid,roiirCHOIOEl Btrtinff Pot Plants, fpi ... mn ir-- l iiuuiediate bloom.de28 4. 5. poüt-paidtoillpoinu 78 IO. 100 " 13. ' WE CIVE A WAYÏ?,Ma3 more Roees than mout estábil phmeDtw grow, and are the only ooncoru inakini? a SPKCIAli IluNinciui of Ronco. Sixty l.nrr IIiUNntor Rosrsaloue. ('ut New (-unie, u cumvleU Treatite CDT KT on the JÍO4e,10 p),elejanUy itlu4trated,9ent r f Bm b THE DINCEE & CONARD CO. Koee lirowtTh, Went tirove, Chebter Co.Pa MICHIGAN FARMS FOK MLI AND i: II 1 : I.. New Descriptive Price List Sent free to any address. GEO. W. SNOVER, Real Estáte and Loan Agent, 103 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich. 1181-8-i Husbaiid of Mine Is three times the man lie was before lie began usinjf " Wells' Healtli Renewer." fl. Druggists. Many a wnmun who does not knnw even the multiplicition tahle cnn "lignre" in society. "Biieliupaiba." Quick. oomplete, cures all annoying Kitliipy, Bladder and Urinary Üiseases. $1. Drujrgiat. A deal table - A card table. Everjbody Knows H. Whm yon have the Iteh, Salt Rheiim. Galls, or Skin Etuption of any kind, and the Piles, that you knnw without heilig told ot' it. Eherhach & Son, the Drnjrgists, will sell you Dr. Bosanko's Pile Keuiedy for 50 cents, which aftbrds immediate relief, and is a sure cure for either of the above diseases.


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