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Continued 1 rom Fuurtli l'Kf. wno attempted on the 6ïh to torco their way from Sinkat to the coast, were cut to pieces by El Mehdi's insurgente. The Dublin paper, United Ireland, on tiie Tth exulted over the Mahdi's victories in Egypt, hoped that Baker and Gordou would meet the fate ot General Hicks, and trusted that the Soudan legions would soon arrive at Cairo. Three editors in Palma, Island of Majorica, have been condemned to eight years' imprisonment ior violation of tb press laws. Official dispatches of the 8tlifroni Tonquin announce that the rebels in the provinces of Namdiuh and Sontay have been dispersed with heavy losses. The rebol leader Dedoc was wounded and took ituge in Bac-Ninh. Between four hundred and five hundred rebels were slain. At Scavalow nests of pirates had been destroyed and many were killed. In the British House of Commons on the Sth Mr. Farnell moved an ameadment to the address of the Queen, asserting that the Government policy in Ireland had caused the prohibition of public metinj and had interferod with tha freedom of speech, and demanding tha immediate abandonment of State emigration. Keari.y fifteen thousand striking wevers of Blackburn, Eng., on tho 8th marchad to the house of a manufacturar to hang him in effigy. The pólice charged the procession, and order was only rpstored by the arrival of oüicers from Manchester. HrnNmnuns of Dersons susoeqted of feeine (Sociahsts were on the 8tn being arrestea atSt. Petersburg, Russia. LATES NEWS. Thi greatest freshet ever known U the Cumberland Valley was caused oathf 9th by the breaking of the ice in th Cena doquinet Creek. Four valuable bridget between Carlisle and Susquehanna, Pa., were swept way, and mill-damsand othei property were badly damaged. Jerry H. Arn-old, a telegraph operatoi at Milwaukee, on the lüth fatally sbo' Bridget Hagan, a cook in a restaurant, and then killed himself. Difterence in views on religiüiis subjects caused the tragedy. An open winter in the Arctic circle is indicaleJ by the vast fields of ice encountered b.r stcainei-s crouing the Atlantic. Thk uyster pirates in Uhesapeake Bay lost two vessels by capture on the lUth. Two hundied cralt wero blockaded by tha pólice boats, and an attack on the fleet would be made. A feud bjtween A. S. Doran and th three Flynn brothers, of Hot Spring, Ark., ended on the Oth in the killing of John Flynn and a hack-driver, the fatal wounding of the other two brothers, and three spectatou were a!so badly injured. A firk on the lOth at Wolcott, N. Y., destroyed thirty hl I il fil 1 1- houses, causing loss of $100,000. Threk men who had floodel with counterfeit silver the towns on the border of Missouri and Arkansas were captured on the lOth while asleep in a tent in the pineries. For the one hundred hours ended on th lOlh rain liad fallen continuously ia th district of Longview, Tex., submergine the bottoms, and causing washouts and slides o thü railways. James Uiíary, a railway employé at Lafayette, lud., killuil taw Juy ago with a revolver iu prusenue uf aarerai friends wlio ware helpiag him to haug pictures in his room. The Ohio Kiver was still advancing at Cincinnati on the lOth, and the demand for ■upplisa hourly InaMartd. At W heeling, W, ra., there was mm-h destitution, two deaths iroiu hunger uemg reported, ana dnations of money, food and clothing were requesled. The Governor had telegraphed the Congressional delegation from that State that the work of relief for the sufferers by the floods would require $1,000,000. There was much suflering also at Newport, Ky.,but cliaritable citizens wer doing their utmost to help the needy. Cochransville, O., had been entirely swept away, and several dwellings had been carried off at Maysvüle, Gallipolis, New Richmond, Augusta and Poiut Pleasant, the latter village being completely submerged. In many sections the houses were weighted down with rocks. Boats arriving at Wheeling were firert at from the banks, aa the waves they crcated with their paddlea threatened the distruction of dwelliugs alroady totteiing.


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