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The autlior of "The Bread Winners" has written a spicy letter, which will appear in the March Centiiry, replying to the charges of his critics, that : (1.) "The Bread-Winners" is conceived frotn an aristocratie point of view. (2.) It is not well written; and (3.) It is a base and craven thing to pnblish a book anonymously. On the last point he says: "My motive in withholding my name is simple enough. I am engaged in butiness in which my standing would be seiiously compronilsed if it were known that I had written a novel. I am sure that my practical efficiency is not lessened by this act; but I am equally sure that I could never recover from the injury it would occasion me if knou-n among ray own colleagues. For that positive reason, and for the negative one that I do not care for publicity, I resolved to keep the knowledge of my llttle venture In authorsliii restricted to as small a circle as posaible. Only two persons benides myself know who wrote the 'Bread-Winners.'"


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