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Grand Opera House! Tuesday, February 19, 1884. The tírcat Dramatic Story of the MoiinluiiK) Entitlnd A M0UNTAIN PINK! Laura E. IDainty AND A STAR CO MP AST -COX815TINO OF FRANK E. AKIN, HARRY HAUK, JAS. ,1. HOLLAND; FRANK R. PIERCE, SAM RYAN. fiENEVEVE ROOEliS, HELEN SEDQWICK, MARIE LEAR, HARRY STODDARDT, J. LANGDON. Admission 75, 50 and 35c. Ueserved Seats without extra charge. For sale at Watts' Jewelry Store. RUPTURH! 4. EGAN'S IMPERIAL TBUS8. 9 Th is new Trusa has a tpirai ]ring and oraoit'ftígJ'j t;ti' Pi'.ESBi'kE ; j ielilsti-" fvery nioíion, rrUMnfng iCL tile hernia alwavs. WornrfatanH ntii' with ruinOm fort. Sent on Trial. Endose Staini. for Circular Usert in h-ith University Iloerital. fGV'S IMPERIAL TfíUSS CO., Box 2288, Arw Arbor, Mich. Oifice, Hamilton Block, Ann Arbor. TRADE ' pT MARK IHtj H TRS GESAT BLOOD PU&inER A y Livsr and Kidney Eemedy, EjJ B Compounded from tho wt-11 knoivn Jg Curatives Hops, Malt, Buchu, Man4drake, Dandelion, Sarsaparilla, ■ cara Sagrada, etc., combmed with an agreeable Aromatic Elteir. M TÉËTCÜRE DISPEPSIA & INDIGESTIÓN, Mk Act apon the Li Ter and KidL-ejs, BH regúlate" ïhë" bowels, ld They oure Rheumatism, aud all QB nary troubles. They invlgorate, m noui'isli, strengthen and quiet m j the Nervous System. W m As a Tonlo they have no Equal. J3L Km Take nor. but Hopa and Malt Bitters. finj& Po FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. W te Hops and Malt Bitters Co. Bfl H DETROIT, MICH. 3flH a (JT73 Isooíiinl A.11 THE POST-OFFICE MW&DEPOT. A Full Lino Of VALENTINES Bcautiful, l'niquc. and Comic. STATIONEET A complete issortment of cominon and Fancy Note and Letter Paper. Envelopes, Invitation, and Request cards. Writing Packets, Fine Box Fapers, suitible lor presente and ill kinds of Stationers' supp'.ies. BLANK BOOKS Pass Books, Memorandum Books, Scratcli Books, Students Note Books, Kerum?, Lagal and Medical Indexes, Bill Books, and all grades of comraon Note Books. WILLIS BDUGnTOH Proprietor And Agent for all Newspapers, Magazinesand periodicals.


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